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Amid big bads like Safiyah Sohail Shivani Ghai and Black Mask Peter Outerbridge , there have been a lot of smaller-scale villains of the week, many of whom hail from surprising parts of DC Comics lore. On Thursday, The CW debuted photos for Batwoman's next episode, "Arrive Alive," and confirmed that yet another Bat-adjacent villain will be joining the series. One of the photos showcases Crows Agent Russell Tavaroff Jesse Hutch — who just so happens to have the comic-accurate civilian name of Menace. Introduced in 's Batwing 25, Russell was initially a former friend of Luke Fox who was exposed by Snakebite — which, in the comics, is an off-shoot of Bane's Venom serum, as opposed to the Scarecrow-influenced party drug it is in Batwoman. Eventually, Russell began to operate as Menace in the criminal underground of Gotham, hoping to get revenge on those who bullied him. There's no telling at this point how prominent of a role Russell will have in Batwoman, and whether or not he could eventually mirror his comic counterpart. The fact that Snakebite has begun to personally impact The Crows — particularly Jacob Kane Dougray Scott , who has developed an addiction to the drug — could certainly set the stage for that to happen. russell dominic peters.

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russell dominic peters

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