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Sacred cow is an idiom, a figurative reference to cattle in religion and mythology. A figurative sacred cow is a figure of speech for something considered immune from question or criticism, especially unreasonably so. Explanation: Medieval motets had a sacred Latin chant as the lowest voice with secular texts in the vernacular everyday language above them. The other name of aleatory music is a chance music because of the elements of the compositions that were left to chance while other elements were composed. Chance elements are considering a lot of possibilities and variability. This aleatory can also be found in films. Henry Cowell and John Cage were composing modern usage of aleatory music. Renaissance motets like Ave Maria were sacred because medieval motets had that sacred chant which was Latin and it was requiring a lowest voice with secular or nonreligious texts in everyday language who was above them. sacred cows of india.

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The Sacred Cow(Why Indians worship Mother Cow?) by and ITV

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A historian and environmentalist based in Chennai, Nanditha Krishna is the director of the C. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation and sacred cows of india of its constituents-C. Art Centre, C. She is a professor and a research guide for the PhD programme of the University of Madras and has received several prestigious national and international awards. However, when I began researching the subject, I discovered a wealth of material that was impossible to ignore. So I decided to cover the subject in greater depth. This book was first published as a limited edition by C. My love for animals was instilled in me by my late father, A. Jagannathan, a wildlife enthusiast who took me to so many national parks and sanctuaries that I became an avid environmentalist. The seed for this book was probably sown long ago by my parents. None of this would sacred cows of india been possible without the interest and involvement of Ravi Singh and Udayan Mitra of Penguin, who encouraged me to complete the book quickly, and Archana Shankar, my editor.

Thank you. Ravi, Udayan and Archana. Several people helped me in so many ways: M. Amirthalingam assisted me right through my research, especially in finding the correct names for each animal in various languages.

sacred cows of india

Sundaramurthi and P. Sudhakar of C. Environmental Education Centre, Chennai, and Dr. Raman of Orange University, Australia, gave the zoological information and ecological role of each animal. Balaji searched for illustrations in the private collection of the C. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation and H.

Manikandan kept track of all the materials.

sacred cows of india

My husband Dr. Chinny Krishna, who is also the chairman of the Blue Cross of India, updated me on animal welfare issues in India. He also read.

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Re-read, questioned and edited the indiaa. My sincere thanks to all of them. Once we decided to illustrate this book with drawings, Y. Venkatesh went through the ardous task of sketching each figure. It was a difficult task to make elaborate pictures of Ganesha and Gajalakshmi into simple sketches, but he did it, I believe, very successfully.

sacred cows of india

While all ancient civilizations and India require special emphasis. Further, although they may be of greater antiquity than the Indian examples, they have been restricted to an appendix so that they do not divert attention from the main topic of the book.

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This book is dedicated to the sacred cows of india dogs and one cat who gave me so much love and companionship over the years, and to the many animals who have suffered and continue to suffer at human hands-bullocks pulling overloaded carts, cattle and goats trucked or walked for days without food or water, animals fattened and killed agonizingly to provide man with a plate of rich food, wildlife hunted from fast-moving vehicles with technically sophisticated weapons….

May they find peace in their future lives. This book does not whitewash the faced by animals. Rather, it is a timely reminder of traditions that once gave animals protection from human inhumanity.]

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