Same sex marriage cons -

Same sex marriage cons same sex marriage cons

As society progresses, the question is arising more often: is marriage still something that people need in their lives?

same sex marriage cons

In the United States, only about half of citizens over the age of 18 years old are married. Earlier in United States history, people got married at much younger ages than they do now, such as in the s and s when most women got married at 20 years old. These days, the median same sex marriage cons for women to get married is around 28 source old. The idea that people are getting married later in life could be due to the fact that, as millennials and Generation Z become adults, gender norms in society are starting to be broken down. This brings up the marriage, is marriage a thing of the past? These old-world habits translate into new-world behaviors and possibly contribute to the impact that gender roles still play in society.

same sex marriage cons

In heterosexual relationships, the stereotype is often that the husband makes the money for the household while the wife stays home, cooks, cleans and takes care of the children. This stereotype could potentially lead to harmful relationships and drive away women due to the perpetuation of gender roles. In fact, Roughly two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women in heterosexual marriages.

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Same-sex marriage was not legal in the United States until June ofand before this date, queer couples had long-term partnerships that showed the world how much they loved each other. It is important to note that whether someone chooses to get married is a personal decision and does not mean they are subjecting themselves to harmful same sex marriage cons stereotypes or common law behavior. Marriage is just one of infinite ways to show the world your commitment and love. While some areas and stereotypes of marriage are harmful and outdated, such as gender roles, it read article down to younger and upcoming generations to defy these stereotypes and redefine marriage into something more inclusive and less inherent to what makes a relationship valid.

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same sex marriage cons

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