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After supporting her view that the regular curriculum offers the best language-learning environment for young ESL students, Gibbons demonstrates the ways in which content areas provide a context for the teaching of English skills, from speaking and listening to reading and writing. These skills can be integrated in the learning of diverse subjects as Gibbons illustrates with a wide range of teaching and learning activities across the curriculum, supplemented with programming and assessment formats and checklists. Scaffolding with Storybooks Author : Laura M. Justice,Khara L. scaffolding theorist. Scaffolding theorist

Scaffolding theory is an approach to education in which an emphasis is placed on what type of material a student can learn, often with regard to what material he or she may require assistance with learning.


Scaffolding theory deals with this middle zone, and proposes that teachers help students learn this material and then remove their assistance once the learning is complete. Many of ideas behind scaffolding theory and the zone of proximal development come from the research and concepts proposed by Lev Scaffolding theorist, a Russian psychologist.

The zone of proximal development establishes several layers of information with regard to a student. At the center of this is the student himself or herself and the information that he or she already scaffolding theorist.

scaffolding theorist

The middle area in the zone of proximal development is the basis for a great deal of scaffolding theory. Scaffolding scaffolding theorist basically states that teachers should act as helpers who facilitate the learning of students, evaluating where students are in their learning and providing assistance as needed.

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Rather than simply teaching whatever the teacher wants, scaffolding theory holds that teachers should evaluate students to understand what information they need help with and what is still too difficult for the student to learn even with help.

Once a teacher understands this, the teacher can help the student learn the material that he she scaffolding theorist help with. A scaffold is a temporary structure that helps support a platform during construction; and teacher assistance is a temporary act that helps build understanding for a student but is ultimately removed. In the end, the student is left with his or her knowledge, since teachers cannot always be there for answers. As scaffolding theory is applied, the zone learn more here proximal scaffolding theorist for a student shifts.

The information he or she has learned moves inward toward the center and expands the information that he or she can learn without help. As this happens, information that was once beyond his or her ability to understand even with help becomes information that can be learned with scaffolding theorist.

scaffolding theorist

This process is a model for learning in general and is the basic idea behind much progressive education. Wiesen Last Modified Date: February 25, Please enter the following code:.

scaffolding theorist

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