Separation issues in adults -

Separation issues in adults separation issues in adults

In my Sydney family counselling practice, I see many adult families who are struggling with a difficult parent, sibling or child and are using estrangement to manage their relationships.

Risk factors

However, completely cutting off from a family member — in isues a parent — has long-term ramifications not only for the people directly involved but also for future generations. Sometimes the safest thing to do is to put physical and emotional distance between you and certain family members. You might even choose to cease contact altogether. This is recommended when:.

Causes of separation anxiety in adults

If abuse, or risk of abuse is not an issue, cutting off from your family may not be the best way to manage your relationship problems. Here are some reasons to stay connected:. Seeking issuee from an experienced family counsellor can help to restore the balance of power in relationships in the safe environment of a therapy room. This might involve working with you to heal from past hurts as well as encouraging family members to actively change behaviours that are contributing to the problem.

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Family estrangements, and the desire to cut off from family, are more common than you might think. The highly trained counsellors at the Sydney Couple and Family Separatjon have helped many people resolve painful, complex issues in their adult families — often without the need to cut off from the family.

Our therapists can help you develop new communication skills, resolve past hurts and resentments, and establish new ways of staying connected in a healthy way.

separation issues in adults

This work can be very emotional, but our Family Therapists will actively manage the sessions so that each person feels safe and can talk openly. The therapy is usually ni as a separation issues in adults of individual sessions and small groups usually twos to ensure everyone feels safe in the room. Cherie specialises in family and couples counselling in the areas of relationship conflict, grief, life transitions, separation and divorce, childhood trauma, and complex adolescent issues. Cherie is a reflective and insightful therapist.

She is fair and supportive, and works hard to help her clients find solutions.]

separation issues in adults

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