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Similarities between capitalism socialism and communism Video

Socialism Vs Communism - What is the difference between Socialism and Communism? similarities between capitalism socialism and communism. Similarities between capitalism socialism and communism

It isn't unreasonable to think that due to human ingenuity, or possibly even super-intelligent AI, resources may be abundant one day. I think he's right, actually. Most economies may heavily lean one way, but generally harbor socialistic and capitalistic qualities.

For example, the US has welfare. But we're still predominantly capitalistic. Socialism has a definition, and having some social safety nets does not meet the this web page of socialism.

Those terms really refer to the similarities between capitalism socialism and communism structure of the government and laws of a country - essentially at what would effectively be a constitutional level. For example, under the USSR, Russia was legally a socialist economy - the laws were such that it was impossible for individuals to own housing, businesses, or patents - all of that was considered "property of the state. Of course, there are still taxes and some amount of "collective" work, such as roads and military, but people can own property, businesses, and even the implementations of ideas aka patentsand things like trademarks and copyrights.

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Except you're saying that it isn't socialism, it's capitalism. So the issue is with the labels, I suppose. The issue I have is that if we gatsby movie 1 thing that's socialistic and 9 things that's capitalistic, you'd say "it's capitalism, not socialism" but if we were to remove that 1 socialistic element from the 9 capitalistic elements and I then asked you to identify it, you'd likely tell me it is socialism like you seemed to have indicated with "collective work" and "taxes".

And if that is the case, then I'd ask you "why does socialism become something no longer socialistic when paired with capitalistic components"? The nature of that element hasn't changed, it is still what it was.

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It being implemented along side other, different things, hasn't morphed it into something else. It is socialism. No, the difference is that you're looking at individual details, and I'm talking about the entire underlying framework upon which all the other rules of society are based on. But when you are dealing with a complex entity such as a nation, what matters most is the foundation upon which that country's laws and rules of society are based around. For example, following the Russian Revolution inRussia scrapped its entire previous framework, based on their monarchy, and started over based on a socialist foundation.

similarities between capitalism socialism and communism

All laws were built upon that foundation, as were the rules of society. Sure, we all understand that there was lots of corruption, and secret and not-so-secret capitalist behavior - but officially, that was prohibited.

similarities between capitalism socialism and communism

The US, on the other hand, has a Constitution built on capitalistic principles such as individual rights - including property rights. That is the foundation for our laws and societal systems. It's not even illegal to start your own socialist commune in the US if you wish. But that doesn't change the overall basis of capitaliem laws of the country. Okay, it's still a mixed economy.

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We implement both capitalism and socialism. You can regard it at capitalism if you want, I'm not opposed to it. It's decently accurate and sufficiently representative.]

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