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Inca and Aztec Empire Compare and Contrast similarities between inca and aztec.

Aztec architecture is a late form of Mesoamerican architecture developed by the Aztec civilization. Much of what is known about it comes from the structures that are still standing. These structures have survived for several centuries because of the strong materials used and the skill of the builders. Aztec architecture reflects the migration of the Aztec civilization present-day Mexico.

Aztec And Inca Empires

The ancient Aztecs relied on cosmology, astronomy, and religion as their main sources of inspiration. Aztec religious beliefs are reflected in the designs of the religious structures as well as domestic structures. The most significant architecture of the Aztec Empire was located in the capital city Tenochtitlanwhich was similarities between inca and aztec after the Betwesn conquest in the 16th century. Aztec architectural sites include MalinalcoTenayucaconquered by the Aztec circa ; the earliest known example of the typical Aztec double pyramid, which consists of joined pyramidal bases supporting two temples, and the Templo Mayorthe biggest building in the Aztec city Tenochtitlan.

Aztec cities often competed to construct the greatest temples in the Aztec empire.

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Aztec architecture is characterized by symmetry and elements like geometric designs and sweeping lines. There are also many symbolic elements, including the four cardinal directions, which each represents a deity, color, and symbol.

The structure in the city of Tenochtitlan included temples, palaces, and platforms. Domestic inva reflected the social and financial status of inhabitants.

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The Aztecs built causeways and chinampas in Tenochtitlan due to its location in the Mexico City basin. The Aztecs had advanced knowledge of building techniques. Joyce writes that "[t]he physical geography of Central America was favorable to the rise of the art of building in stone. The Aztecs also knew how to build on the local geology and terrain, particularly the soft soil. They employed stone bases for the temples. They used gravity to make a running water system, bringing fresh water to the city grid and employed terracing to enhance agricultural productivity. Instead of demolishing old temples and building a new one at the same site, they simply built over the existing structures, which resulted in larger and more detailed pyramids. The Aztecs designed their buildings to be similarities between inca and aztec for everyday life as well as religious practices.

The architectural style of the Aztecs always reflected relationships with a higher power.]

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