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Establishing a Nation: 3 - Similarities Between Federalists \u0026 Democratic-Republicans similarities between thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton

Agrarianism as a political and social philosophy relates to the ownership and use of land for farmingor to the part of a society or economy that is tied to agriculture. Agrarianism and agrarians will typically advocate on behalf of farmers and those in rural communities. Some scholars suggest that agrarianism values rural society as superior to urban society and the independent farmer as superior to the paid worker, and sees farming as a way of life that can shape the ideal social values.

When did the party system start in the US?

For example, M. Thomas Inge defines agrarianism by the following basic tenets: [4]. The philosophical roots of agrarianism include European and Chinese philosophers. In societies influenced by Confucianismthe farmer was considered an esteemed productive member of society, but merchants who simiilarities money were looked down upon. The Jeffersonians sought to align the American economy more with agriculture than industry.


Part of their motive to do so was Jefferson's fear that the over-industrialization of America would create a class of wage laborers who relied on their employers for income and sustenance. In turn, these workers would cease to be independent voters as their vote could be manipulated by said employers. In order to counter this, Jefferson introduced, jefderson scholar Clay Jenkinson noted, "a graduated income tax that would serve as a disincentive to vast accumulations of wealth and would make funds available for some sort of benign redistribution downward" and tariffs on imported articles, which were mainly purchased by the wealthy. Agrarian socialism is a form of agrarianism that is anti-capitalist in nature and seeks to introduce socialist economic systems in their stead.

How Did Thomas Paine Put America On The Road To Revolution

Notable agrarian socialists include Emiliano Zapata who was a leading figure in jdfferson Mexican Revolution. As part of the Liberation Army of the Southhis group of revolutionaries fought on behalf of the Mexican peasants, whom they saw as exploited by the landowning classes.

Zapata published Plan of Ayalawhich called for significant land reforms and land redistribution Mexico as part of the revolution.

similarities between thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton

Zapata was killed and his forces crushed over the course of the Revolution, but his political ideas lived on in the form of Zapatismo. Zapatismo would form the basis for neozapatismothe ideology of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. EZLN and Neozapatismo, jeffefson explicit in their name, seek to revive the agrarian socialist of Zapata, but fuse bbetween with new elements such as a commitment to indigenous rights and community-level decision making.

Subcommander Marcosa leading member of the movement, argues that the similarities between thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton collective ownership of the land was and is the basis for all subsequent developments the movement link to create:. Maoismthe far-left ideology of Mao Zedong and his followers, places a heavy emphasis on the role of peasants in its goals. In contrast to other Marxist schools of thought which normally seek to acquire the support of urban workers, Maoism sees the peasantry as key. Following the eventual victory of the Communist Party in both wars, the countryside and how it should be run remained a focus for Mao. In Mao launched the Great Leap Forwarda social and economic campaign which, amongst other things, altered many aspects of rural Chinese life.

similarities between thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton

It introduced mandatory collective farming and forced the peasantry to organize itself into communal living units which were known as people's communes. These communes, which consisted of 5, people on average, were expected to meet high production quotas while the peasants who lived on them adapted to this radically new way of life. The communes were run as co-operatives where wages and money were replaced by work points. Peasants who criticised this new system were persecuted as " rightists " and " counter-revolutionaries ". Leaving the communes was forbidden and escaping from them was difficult or impossible, and those who attempted it were subjected to party-orchestrated "public struggle sessions ," which further jeopardized their survival.

On the communes, experiments were conducted in order to find new methods of planting crops, efforts were made to construct new irrigation systems on a massive scale, and the communes were all encouraged to produce steel backyard furnaces as part of an effort to increase steel production. However, following the Anti-Rightist CampaignMao had instilled a mass distrust of intellectuals into China, and thus engineers were often not consulted here regard to the new irrigation systems and the wisdom of asking untrained peasants to produce good quality steel from scrap iron culture on egypt not publicly questioned.

Similarly, the experimentation with the crops did not produce results. In addition to this the Four Pests Campaign was launched, in which the peasants were called upon to destroy sparrows and other wild similarities between thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton that ate crop seeds, in order to protect fields. Pest birds were shot down or scared away from landing until they dropped from exhaustion.]

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