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Learn More Introduction Several social entrepreneurial behaviors, processes, and issues occurred in my class. The class is composed of international students, and the fact that I knew only one boy was quite challenging. The tutor divided us into groups of five, where every member was from a different culture and this posed a significant social problem since I had not dealt with local students before.


However, an interesting experience arose whereby Nikki, a local student in my group volunteered to help me understand the group activities since the English used in the group was americx different from mine. I do not like the idea that I came late and was scared to share my business idea in the first meeting of the group. I like the fact that every group member was pleased with my business idea.

social class in america essay

Discussion My own understanding of social entrepreneurial behavior is a behavior that puts passion, creativity, and determination of a social group together with the aim of achieving a certain goal. One of the conclusions that I can derive from my observations and experience is that it is a personal responsibility to stay productive and engaged in any social or group activity.

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One needs to cultivate a thorough of himself in terms of his strengths, weaknesses, and values since through this, he can attain true excellence. The achievements of the team were at first hindered by problems of cultural and language barrier, which made the group members to feel uncomfortable with one another. The theory I have read makes a lot of meaning to my experience in the group. For instance, for any social work to be effective, then the members should try to understand each other and make use of their strengths.

social class in america essay

For instance, in my group I used Nikki to help me understand the class activities. Every person has an opportunity of being successful through learning, improving, and enhancing skills PetersFayolle This means that every person has an opportunity of standing out of the crowd in his own way.

social class in america essay

Xmerica one to be his own brand, he should first identify the features that make him different from his colleagues and make the necessary steps to stand out from the rest. Since we live in an era of unprecedented opportunities, then standing out and managing ourselves can make us achieve our goals in life Drucker References Bonk, J. San Francisco: DeFillippi, B.]

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