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Where to get help Social phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. People who have social phobia experience extreme and persistent anxiety associated with social or performance situations. A person with social phobia experiences anxiety in situations where they are likely to be scrutinised and observed by others. They may have persistent fears about being judged, criticised, ridiculed or humiliated. Most people feel shy or nervous in certain social situations. social phobias list Social phobias list

Abstract The purpose of the present study was to clarify the self-evaluation of social skills against interpersonal fear and the influence of affinity motivation.

social phobias list

We also examined what kind of the self-evaluation of social skills contributes to the increase of interpersonal fear in order to grasp the of interpersonal fear.

A questionnaire survey was conducted for university pohbias. As a result of 2 factor analysis, it was shown that people who evaluate their social skills lowly feel more interpersonal fear.

social phobias list

It was inferred that more effective intervention would be possible. References ]

social phobias list

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