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What is Social Psychology? social psychological phenomenon.

The human brain is a fascinating and complex organ. Beyond its ability to help us reason, function and think, it plays some crazy tricks on us.


All throughout history, humans have experienced things called psychological phenomena — mind tricks that sometimes defy explanation but are experienced by most people. Here are 10 of them, with a description of the phenomenon itself when it has one!

social psychological phenomenon

Was he lying? Or, was there something deeper at work.

10. Cryptomnesia

An argument can be made for the latter in both instances, all because of something called cryptomnesia. The term was invented by doctors Alan Brown and Dana Murphy, after conducting three experiments at Southern Methodist University in Rather than consciously stealing a song, or making up a story out of thin air, the human brain is capable of taking a story, song or idea and transforming it.

How many of our ideas are actually our own, and how many are really memories? Art Markman, Social psychological phenomenon. However, we are not great discrimination stereotype recalling memories based solely on how objects are arranged.

social psychological phenomenon

So, if you see a stack of those t-shirts in one store, and then years later go to a completely different store in social psychological phenomenon completely different city, you might not remember that you saw an identical stack of shirts, but instead feel a sense of familiarity, of knowing, and not know why. In one extreme caseFrench psychiatrist Francois-Leon Arnaud wrote about a guy named Louis who lived in the 19th century. Louis was a soldier who suffered from amnesia, then headaches, irritability and insomnia.]

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