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The Depiction Of Today's Socioeconomic Divide

Define the meaning of social stratification and provide real-life examples of social stratification in our society. Define the meaning of global stratification and provide real-life examples of societal stratification stratification. Societal stratification is structural mobility and how does this concept describe the decline of manufacturing jobs in the US. The functionalist theory of stratification assumes that people are fairly compensated for the amount of time, energy startification skills they put into their jobs. What criticisms could one make about this view? What has globalization done to influence income and wealth inequality in the United States?

societal stratification

Explain using an example. Explain modernization theory and dependency theory. Which do you think is more useful for explaining global inequality?

societal stratification

Explain using examples. Why is it important to understand and be aware of global stratification? Make a list of specific issues that are related to global stratification.

societal stratification

For inspiration, turn on a news channel or read the newspaper. Next, choose a topic from your list and look at it more closely. Who is affected by this issue? How is the issue specifically related to global stratification?]

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