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sociological religion

The Functions of Religion

Religion is defined as a set of beliefs, symbols, and practices for example, ritualswhich is based on the idea of the sacred, and which unites believers into a socio-religious community. The sacred is contrasted with the profane because it sociological religion feelings of awe. Sociologists have defined religion by reference to the sacred rather than to a belief in a god or gods, because it makes social comparison link. The religious frame work is composed of four basic sociological religion beliefs, rituals, subjective experiences, and community.

Beliefs Religious beliefs affirm the existence of religiln divine or supernatural order, define its character and purposes, and explain the role humans play in that order.

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It is essential for sociological religion to know that a belief a conviction that cannot be proved or disproved by ordinary means. For example, animist religions hold that the world is inhabited by spirits with motives and emotions like our own. Although believers sociological religion not worship these spirits as gods, they do attempt to influence their behaviour through magic. This animist belief in spirits explains the occurrence of illness or accidents and prescribes a course of action.

sociological religion

Similarly, the Christian belief in original sin, Sociological religion and his miracles, and eternal salvation rsligion damnation shapes perceptions and establishes a of conduct. Three nineteenth and twentieth-century thinkers have provided contrasting views of the relationship between society and religion. In the work of Durkheim, he emphasised the function of religion as a celebration of the society order.

Thinking Religion and Philosophy

In the work of Karl Marx on the other hand, he saw religion as an instrument of oppression used by a ruling class to cover up economic exploitation of the masses. The third think, Sociological religion Weber, saw religion as an agent of social change.

sociological religion

Describe the relationship between religion and society going by the sociklogical views of Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx and Max Sociological religion. Religions are not only to be regarded sociological religion sets of beliefs and practices, but also social. Sociologists recognize four distinct types of religious organization which include the established church, the sect, the denomination, and the cult. This can be considered in four distinct types, namely established church, sect, denomination and cult.]

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