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David Moyer and Ms. Sudhanshu Sarangi Mr. Ashley Fernandes Ms. Shraddha Singaurey Ms. Lalchhanhimi and Shri Ramachandran Ms. Hansa Sachdeva Ms. sonali pattnaik

I learnt a lot of things and many things that I'd learnt in the past and were forgotten. These things were recalled.

200 Hrs. Online Yoga Teacher Training

It helped me use English language in a better manner. It has helped me develop my english communication and teaching skills.

sonali pattnaik

I've found regenerative aspects of teaching and learning and how it had been very useful and positive for everyone who sonali pattnaik to teach and learn english as a second language. Content courses for every learner's language level were interesting with all the variety of activities. This course has opened me wider knowledge on teaching- learning processes in many ways. I believe every teacher aspirants regardless of teaching any streams and subjects will find a course such as sonali pattnaik to be very helpful and a great resource for providing students with click necessary aids in learning.

It includes various advanced methods of teaching, principal of education and child psychology too that could help in enhancement of teaching skills.

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I was able to use substantial material from the course to improve my class room teaching. This course gave a theoretical base to my understanding sonali pattnaik English Language teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed doing all the assignments of the course. But now after completing the course I am really happy.

sonali pattnaik

The whole course was really informative and overwhelming experience genuinely. The materials were awesome and full of teaching methodology.

sonali pattnaik

After completing the course I came to know sonali pattnaik real meaning of Teacher and Teaching. Course duration was 8 months but I completed it only in 3 months. All my assignments were evaluated on the with good link and suggestions.

Over all it was very nice experience. My academic co-ordinator was very supportive and so was my tutor. All my queries were answered within less than 24 hours.]

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