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For a list of all the walls, see: Walls of Madrid. The first historical document about the existence of an established settlement in Madrid dates from the Muslim age.

spanish culture article

Following the conquest, Christians occupied the center of the city, while Muslims and Jews were displaced to the suburbs. The government cuoture of the town was spanish culture article to a spanish culture article of 12 regidores by Alfonso XI on 6 January Modern Age[ edit ] During the revolt of the Comunerosled by Juan de PadillaMadrid joined the revolt go here Charles, Holy Roman Emperorbut after defeat at the Battle of VillalarMadrid was besieged and occupied by the imperial troops. The city was however granted the titles of Coronada Crowned and Imperial. View of Madrid from the west, facing the Puerta de la Vega. The poor population of the court was composed of ex-soldiers, foreigners, rogues and Ruanes, dissatisfied with the lack of food and high prices.

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The capitality was decisive for the evolution of the city and influenced its fate and during the rest of the reign of Philip II, the population boomed, going spanish culture article from about 18, in to 80, in Philip V entered the capital on 3 December The reforms enacted by his Sicilian minister were however opposed in by the populace in the so-called Esquilache Riotsa revolt demanding to repeal a clothing decree banning the use of traditional hats and long cloaks aiming to curb crime in the city. Subsequent repression was brutal, with many insurgent Spaniards being summarily executed. Capital of the Liberal State[ edit ] map of the Ensanche de Madrid The city was invaded on 24 May by a French army—the so-called Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis —called to intervene to restore the absolutism of Ferdinand that the latter had been deprived from during the — trienio liberal.

Spanish culture article industries were mostly focused in book publishing, construction and low-tech sectors. During the s, Madrid enjoyed "great vitality"; it was demographically young, becoming urbanized and the centre of new political movements.

Slums and squalor grew due to high population growth and the influx of the poor to the city. Construction of affordable housing failed to keep spajish and increased political instability discouraged economic investment in housing in the years immediately prior to the Civil War. It was a stronghold of the Republican faction from July and became an international symbol of anti-fascist struggle during the conflict. Francoist dictatorship[ edit ] Woman in Moratalaz by A staple of post-war Madrid Here de la posguerra was the widespread use of ration coupons. The Franco regime instead emphasized the city's history as the capital of past imperial Spanish culture article. The south of Madrid became heavily industrialized, and there was significant immigration from rural areas of Spain.

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Madrid's newly built north-western districts became the home of a newly-enriched middle class that appeared as result of the s Spanish economic boomwhile the south-eastern periphery spanish culture article a large working-class area, which formed the base for active cultural and political movements. The municipal election brought Madrid's first democratically elected mayor since the Second Republic to power.

Madrid was the scene of some of the most important events of the time, such as the mass demonstrations of support for democracy after the failed coup, Fon 23 February Since the late s and through the s Madrid became the center of the cultural movement known as la Movida. Conversely, just like in the rest spanish culture article the country, a heroin crisis took a toll in the poor neighborhoods of Madrid in the s. As consequence of the spillover of the financial and mortgage crisisMadrid has been affected by the increasing number of second-hand homes held by banks and house evictions.

spanish culture article

Since the late s, the challenges the city faces include the increasingly unaffordable rental prices often in parallel with the gentrification and the spike of tourist apartments in spanish culture article city centre and the profusion of betting shops in working-class areas, leading to an "epidemic" of gambling among young people. There is a considerable difference in altitude within the city proper ranging from the m 2, ft around Plaza de Castilla in the north of city to the m 1, ft around La China wastewater treatment plant on the Manzanares' riverbanks, near the latter's confluence with the Fuente Castellana thalweg paradox sengoku the south of the city.

Due to Madrid's altitude and dry climate, diurnal ranges are often significant during the summer. The highest recorded temperature was on 24 Julyat These records were registered at the airport, in the eastern side of the city.]

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