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Starbucks sustainability report starbucks sustainability report

Starbucks has a new way to help improve the environment and fight climate change. We all use disposable cups just about every day. And they are not just used for coffee. The cups can be see strewn about just about everywhere and are a major part of litter.

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They are also an environmental problem as they then need to be starbuckw and sent with all of the other trash to landfills. And their production means more trees getting chopped down and more carbon emissions getting released into the environment. This may sound unsanitary, but the cups will be reusable ones.

starbucks sustainability report

The cup can be borrowed for up to two months. The program will be tested first in five Starbucks stores in Seattle. Each reusable cup will spare the use of 30 disposable ones.

A story of Starbucks and the limits of corporate sustainability.

The company is partnering with Seattle-area service, Ridwell, to offer customers an at-home option to return their borrowed cup. While technically, Starbucks cups can be recycled under the right circumstances, they can only be used once. Starbucks has partnered with GO Box, a reuse system operator and service provider, to collect starbucks sustainability report cups from stores daily, professionally clean and sanitize them using commercial dishwashing equipment, and ztarbucks them back into circulation within 48 hours. We will lead the transition to a circular economy. Will not be published Required.]

starbucks sustainability report

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