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The trolley dilemma is about making a decision to save the lives of either the two elderly people or five young people that are on the tracks. There is another option; to throw another person onto the tracks and kill him in order to save all seven of those already on the tracks. The option I chose is for the driver to pick the right fork, killing the two older people instead of five young. Instead, it is best to let one of the two inevitable options happen, and it is better to end two lives than five. The dilemma itself is that if a medical student were to kill and rob an old lady, he could use the money to attend medical school and eventually invent a miracle drug that could cure an immense amount of people. Yet, the option that I chose was that this crime could never be justified no matter what the result may be. stealing essay stealing essay

Browse the database of more than essays donated by our community members! The dictionary definition eesay stealing is to take one link without the right or permission of the owner. Some on the first view would assume a right would be based on the stealing essay, such as if an innocent man was starving.

Is Stealing Considered Ethical?

Therefore stealing essay looking at the definition of stealing it is always legally wrong to steal in any situation regardless of how unfortunate your position is. In my opinion stealing, from a moral standpoint, stealing is not always wrong. Laws are there to be followed but that does not always mean they are right. For instance, people who kill an armed intruder do not always go to stealing essay as sometimes it can be deemed as a necessary action.

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Laws stealing essay changed regarding things like this and therefore this suggests that there might be some flexibility in relation to the current laws concerning theft. It cannot be morally right to let a person starve, just because the law says source is wrong for him to feed himself.

Being ethical is also not the same as following the law. The law often encompasses ethical standards to which most people support. But laws, like feelings, are different to what is ethical. Slavery laws and the old Apartheid laws of present-day South Africa are horrifically clear examples of laws that stray from what stesling ethical.

In any society, most people accept standards that are, in fact, ethical. But standards of behaviour in society can deviate from stealing essay is ethical. An entire society can become ethically corrupt.

Psychological, Cultural, And Ethical Reasons

Nazi Germany is a good example of a morally corrupt society. This, therefore, means that we as a society do not know if stealing, as an act is right or wrong.

stealing essay

We cannot understand what is morally right or wrong if we not have a moral system within ourselves that is perfect. Despite this dilemma, my views are very much associated with teleological more info or effectively looking at the stealing essay of an action rather than the action itself. Stealing is right if it leads to a better situation afterwards. Qualities such as love, honesty and kindness are only good because they have good results; why can stealing not be any different, if it has a good outcome? The fact that a shop owner may lose 50p from an apple can surely not be more important than potentially saving a life. Utilitarianism is based on what causes pleasure and pain and therefore using those we can make moral decisions. This assumes that we as people have stealing essay universal moral code and stealing essay we knew what was wrong or right since birth.]

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