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By Molly Schemper Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe "I discovered foods that I could enjoy—generally dishes high in flavor or with great textural elements crispy carrots, melty cheese, etc. Undeterred, I was certain I was on the road to recovering my senses. I loved food and was most happy developing menus, testing recipes, and being in the chaotic excitement of live, in-person events. We were in debt, but confident we'd get out of the hole, as in past years, as events kicked off. I laid off nine full-time employees. It was one of the most awful things I have ever had to do. I was bummed because I had to cancel a trip to Michigan to see my parents, but, in general, I wasn't too worried. After all, I'm a fairly healthy, fairly young individual who was unemployed no need to go anywhere and had health insurance. I figured I would be a little sick and soon be back to "normal.

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The conference was well-received, and the published volume Verner, J. Morrison, and C. Ralph, editors. Wildlife modeling habitat relationships of terrestrial vertebrates, University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin, USA proved to be a landmark publication that received a book award by The Wildlife Society. Wildlife populations was a followup conference with emphasis on the other major biological field of wildlife conservation and management, populations. It was held on July , , at the Oakland Airport Hilton Hotel in Oakland, California, in accordance with our intent that this conference have a much stronger international representation than did Wildlife The goal of the conference was to bring together an international group of specialists to address the state of the art in wildlife population dynamics, and set the agenda for future research and management on the threshold of the 21st century. The mix of specialists included workers in theoretical, as well as practical, aspects of wildlife conservation and management. Three general sessions covered methods, modelling, and conservation of threatened species. Sula book review sula book review

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sula book review

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