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Edward Scissorhands: Tim Burton's Masterpiece summary of edward scissorhands Summary of edward scissorhands

During a conversation with TheWrap, Mosseri spoke about the tricky line between sweet saccharine in music, and of the particular Tim Burton film with a score by Danny Elfman that first sparked his obsession with movie melodies. Part of that has to do with your music, which is very idiosyncratic. What were your first thoughts as you began writing it?

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I had lunch with director Lee Isaac Chung when it was just a screenplay. And fo said that while writing it, he had written down 80 snapshot memories of his childhood. They could be just as something as simple as an image of his grandmother or an image of his cowboy boots or whatever it was. I thought that was summary of edward scissorhands a cool way in, such a visceral way to approach writing it.

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And was that in someways similar to your own approach? In my case, I was struck by his screenplay. But our first conversation about childhood memory had teed up the film perfectly for me. There was something that was familial about the whole experience for me.

summary of edward scissorhands

And it was my first time getting to start that early on a film. I was, yeah.

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My wife and I went down to Tulsa, where they were shooting. My wife actually was born in Tulsa and grew up summary of edward scissorhands, so it was a cool experience for us to go back there and go to set and absorb that experience. I had already started writing before that, but skmmary was nice to be down there. It can only help, right?

And this was the first time I was able to do that. Lee Isaac Chung had written a different ending for the film, which I think was a voiceover summary of how the plant minari was so symbolic of the immigrant experience.

summary of edward scissorhands

I think Isaac had changed it before they shot the film, as far as I know.]

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