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What is it about dark academia that is just so appealing? From a story of Pretty Little Liars- level drama at a boarding school to a sinister tale of two academics whose work together takes a dangerous turn, this reading list rounds up a few of my personal favorite and most-recommended suspense and mystery novels that incorporate elements of dark academia. Happy reading! This blog post contains affiliate links. Crime by the Book may earn a small commission for items ordered through these links. Ash Carr never expected to be sent across the ocean from her home in the UK to attend high school in the state of Virginia, but what her domineering father wants, he gets--and what he wants is Ash far away. suspense examples Suspense examples

An example of suspense is wondering when the killer will strike while watching a horror movie. The suspense as they were announcing the winners was unbearable. Howie kept us suspense examples suspense until we assumed our seats around the table.

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Between the date of these letters and the day of her execution wellnigh three months of suspense elapsed. The new French ambassador, Admiral Roussin, had arrived on the 17th; he now, with the full concurrence of Mandeville, the British charge d'affaires, persuaded the Porte to invite the Russians to withdraw, undertaking that France would secure the acceptance by Mehemet Suspense examples of the sultan's terms. A period of suspnese followed. Secondly, it is necessary in view of this fact to preserve an attitude of intellectual suspense broxiior, as Timon expressed it, ,36uaXXov i. Home Article source Meanings Suspense. Filters 0.

suspense examples

Suspense is anxiety or a state of uncertainty or excitement about the resolution of something. The state of being undecided or undetermined. The quality in a work of narrative art, such as a novel or film, that causes the audience to experience pleasurable excitement and anticipation regarding an outcome. The state or quality of being undecided, uncertain, or indecisive.

A suspense examples of usually anxious uncertainty, as in awaiting a decision. The unpleasant emotion of anxiety or apprehension in an uncertain situation. Anxiety suspense examples apprehension resulting from an uncertain, undecided, or mysterious situation.

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The growing interest and excitement felt while awaiting a climax or resolution, as of a novel, play, series of events, suspense examples. The condition of being suspended ; cessation for a time. The pleasurable emotion of anticipation and excitement regarding the outcome or climax of a bookfilm etc. Suspension or interruption, as of a legal right.

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Origin of suspense. From Anglo-Norman suspens as in e suspensfrom Old French suspens.

suspense examples

Suspense Sentence Examples. Finally she could bear the suspense no longer. Related articles. Also Mentioned In. Words near suspense in the Dictionary.]

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