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Theme, Atmosphere, Symbol \u0026 Allegory in Young Goodman Brown symbolism in young goodman brown essay

Symbolism in literature is the practice of using an object or word to represent a distinct and deeper meaning of a story.

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Symbols serve as ideas that an author can use into his story that has meaning. There be multiple symbols in a story or just one.

It is up to the reader to interpret the meaning of the symbols and their significance to the story. While reading a story, symbols may not become clear until the very end, even until the climax is over, and the falling action is covered. Young Goodman Brown is a short story written in about an encounter between a man and the Devil.

symbolism in young goodman brown essay

Seemingly, this is what the story is about, however, evaluating the story would reveal that it has many symbolic examples. At the start of the story, Young Goodman Brown and his wife Faith have gooddman been together for three months. This symbolizes that Young Goodman Brown is one who does not have a serious connection to faith. This is additionally demonstrated by his eagerness to leave his wife to set out on his journey. Nonetheless, Young Goodman Brown does not know what is before him on his journey into the woods which he sees as chance to linger around as a onetime thing.

Symbolism in young goodman brown essay example of symbolism is the setting. The depressing setting reveals the bad position Young Goodman Brown is about to find himself in. Even with the undeniable evil in the woods, Goodman Brown continues advancing into the darkness with the Devil being his lead.

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Faith also represents symbolism with her pink ribbon. At this part of the story, the Devil has crushed Young Goodman Brown, and everything that Young Goodman Brown knows about source community turns out to be a big sham. In spite of this, Young Goodman Brown tries to hang onto his Faith, but during the turmoil, a pink ribbon falls from the sky onto a tree branch.

For the most part, Faith plays an important role throughout the story, specifically false faith. Before his meeting with the Devil, Young Goodman Brown believes himself to be of good faith because of those around him are of good faith.

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However, once it is shown that those around him are a part of a satanic cult than a Christian puritan group, Goodman Brown begins to deprive himself only persisting with the conclusion that his dear wife is strong symbolism in young goodman brown essay faith. Which later turns out to be false as well, and with the discovery that the one seen by Young Goodman Brown to be faith symbolized sin, Young Goodman Brown is ultimately crushed and submits to the Devil.

One of the main, if not the main symbol in the story is the Devil himself. Throughout history, the Devil has been used as an allegoric symbol of evil, and Young Goodman Brown continues that custom. In the story, the Devil symbolizes several things, of them being the evil that lies within us all.

Still might have been taken for father and son. This is apparent when Young Goodman Brown found the real identity of his bloodline while trying to abandon the idea that his own family have in a close relationship with the devil.

symbolism in young goodman brown essay

In the context of the story, it additionally represents that the symbolism in young goodman brown essay Goodman Brown discovered himself to be in, is distinct from the world he thought he lived in. This may symbolize an immense grasp of awareness that evil does exist in the world, and that something or someone we think to be is good, is probably not but rather evil.

On its surface, the story tells nothing more than the story of a man who sjmbolism a hellish event. Upon additional analysis however, the story is a profound allegoric story of the significance of faith, and how a person can grow in it or become crushed by dark forces. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. If you need help faster you can always use our custom writing service.]

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