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synonym for misogynistic.

Synonym for misogynistic 15, p. Courtesy of Myles Toe On Monday evening, Myles Toe, a year-old comedian, and several friends were lingering outside of The Stand, a comedy club near Union Square, in hopes of getting a glimpse of Dave Chappelle, who was performing that night. Instead, he and several of his friends recognized Andrew Yang outside. They immediately began joking with the mayoral candidate, who had come to support and watch Chappelle, an ardent supporter of his presidential run. Toe asked Synonym for misogynistic if he would be willing to be in a video with his friend and fellow comedian Lawrence Reese, who does man-on-the-street interviews that he shares on the internet. Yang said yes. What they captured was a controversial video featuring Yang appearing to laugh at their misogynistic jokes. The video went viral, drawing sharp condemnation from several of Yang's Democratic rivals, including Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams, along with their supporters, and leaving his campaign scrambling to explain his actions for the third time this week.

In the video, Reese begins by making a reference to Timberland boots, "Can a man keep his Timbs on?

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Synonym for misogynistic a press conference in front of Brooklyn's Borough Hall on Thursday, Yang was asked about the incident. In this case someone wanted a video and I thought I'd be friendly. But then I know, he said something that was plainly inappropriate that I didn't find funny at all. And so I walked away and ended the interaction as quickly as possible," he said.

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Yang added: "You're in a posture where you're trying to be friendly to someone and then you're shocked and surprised that all of a sudden it goes in that direction, so I reacted to the interaction as quickly as possible. The most vocal response came from Wiley who held a press conference with a dozen supporters on Thursday, including several women who described their own experience with gender-based violence and sexual assault. That he did not shut it down. As a society, we need to get to a place where all men stand up and call these comments out right away. Not synonym for misogynistic the women in the race opted to weigh in. Adams, the Brooklyn borough president who is trailing Yang in several polls, was asked about the video during an appearance on Fox 5 on Thursday night.

We are continually seeing why Andrew Yang is not fit to be the mayor of this city," he said. The moment comes on the heels of two missteps synonym for misogynistic this week by Yang.

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On Sunday, he drew criticism after suggesting in a tweet that the city should ramp up its enforcement of unlicensed street vendors. Yang later said he misogybistic those remarks. Then on Tuesday, Black Lives Matter activists heckled and accused him of using them as a political photo-op after he joined them in a bike ride and vigil for Daunte Wright, a year-old unarmed Black man who was killed recently by a Minneapolis policewoman. Toe said he and his friends did not musogynistic synonym for misogynistic the video to embarrass or synonym for misogynistic Yang. Reese, the comedian in the video, also confirmed the story. A friend helped them edit it, adding subtitles and text, and Reese uploaded on the video on his Instagram pagebut purposely did not tag Yang. Then on Wednesday, Charlamagne tha God, one of the hosts of a popular radio show called The Breakfast Club, somehow shared a screen-grabbed version on his Instagram account.

Toe, who said he does not follow politics, said he did not regret posting the video and said he felt it made Yang more relatable in his eyes. Black kids," he said.

synonym for misogynistic

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synonym for misogynistic

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