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The award is in support of the development of new methods to uncover associations between antibiotic resistance genes and microbial hosts in the human gut microbiome. The rise and spread of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics is a growing global health crisis. Antibiotic resistant strains can harbor multiple antibiotic resistance genes ARGs , which in turn can confer resistance to multiple antibiotics. This increasing resistance creates a major challenge in combating infectious diseases. Many ARGs are harbored on mobile genetic elements in different members of the microbiome, such as plasmids or bacteriophage elements. These genetic elements can move around the genome and between organisms that occupy a shared environment, enabling the transfer of ARGs. HGT, or horizontal gene transfer, is the transfer of genes — such as drug resistance genes — from one species of microbe to another. It is a key process in the dissemination of drug resistant bacteria. tetracycline resistance gene Tetracycline resistance gene


A total of 24 strains of Vibrio alginolyticus were isolated from cockles Anadara granosa and identified for Vib A and gyr B genes. All V. In this study, the highest percentage of antibiotic resistance was obtained against penicillin All of V. Polymerase chain reaction PCR assay has confirmed the presence of four antibiotic resistance genes of penicillin pbp 2aampicillin bla OXAerythromycin erm B and vancomycin van B.

Out of 24 V. Both strains of the tdh -related hemolysin trh were susceptible to all antibiotics tetracycline resistance gene.

tetracycline resistance gene

The multiple antibiotic resistance MAR index ranging between 0. Combination of enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus-polymerase chain reaction ERIC-PCR and antibiotic resistance indicated 18 genome types which showed genetic heterogeneity of those V. The results demonstrated the presence of V. Thus, it is essential for local authority to provide the preventive measures in ensuring the cockles are safe rewistance consumption. tetracycline resistance gene

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tetracycline resistance gene

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