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4 Minute Lecture: Professor Jon Sherman on The Bicycle Thief

It is a neorealist film characterized by setting the story amongst the poor and working class. The film surrounds the difficult economical and moral conditions of post WWII Italy, reflecting the conditions of everyday life: The bicycle thief analysis and desperation, with the implicit message that in a better society, wealth would be more evenly distributed. The plot is simple, surrounding a man, his son and a bicycle. The film tells a. The bicycle thief analysis thieves is a Italian film which was made in Directed by De Sica and. After the end of World War 2 Antonio Ricci who was unemployed and is struggling to support his family is given a job hanging up posters around the war torn of Italy Rome He was happy at that time because he was given a chance to have a job and support his family. His wife, Maria had to sell the family's bed linens so Ricci bike could be reclaimed and he could use it. The bike was gotten from a pawnshop so he could.


The work Bicycle Thieves is chosen to be discussed in this essay. It gained both commercial and artistic success, and have won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in The film is famous for its neorealism that reflects the post-war Italian society. He discovered it not in the exceptional sorrow of bicyxle but in the misery of daily life where war is just one aspect of the bicycle thief analysis human lot.

Bicycle Thieves takes place at a specific time under a unique series of social conditions that shape both its narrative and its embrace of the Neorealist link.

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Two scenes from the Bicycle Thieves that although they have nothing to do with the plot they are essential for the film are: the scene where many bicycles and parts of them are being sold in a piazza, this the bicycle thief analysis an important scene because it adds to the film a feeling of optimism that ends up turning into hopelessness.

The other scene is the one where the thief has an epileptic fit adding to the film a feeling of despair. These two scenes also contributes to the overall meaning of the plot by showing. Vittorio De Sica is considered one of the most important directors during the time of the Italian Neorealism movement which occurred after the fall of fascism in Italy. Neorealism revolves around the bicycle thief analysis filmmaking. Rather than produce glossy films to heal the heartbreak in this post war country, De Sica and several other directors focused on the working class and how fatal the blow of fascism was.

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It was an artistic response to an abundance of commercial entertainment films spewing from Hollywood. Bicycle Thieves, set in economically devastated post-war Italy, where thieves burgeon. He tries to look for it with his son Bruno Enzo Staiola ; however, despite seeing the thief, he fails to recover his bicycle. Desperate, he tries to steal a bike himself but is easily.]

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