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Hello, my name is John Leckrone. The Illuminati Training Academy is a place where people come to learn truths that have been deliberately hidden from all of us. On my blog you will find real history, facts and universal truths deliberately hidden from you by your corporate owners and masters. If you enjoy your slave status this website is not for you. On the other hand if you want to be a part of those of us who are enlightened to the truth and are standing up against the rise of global tyranny than you have found a new home. I am not a communist, socialist, fascist, republican or democrat. I am a man with anarchist opinions. Anarchy simply means that I believe that we should live in a voluntarist society where no one is harmed and there are no masters and no slaves and peace and justice prevail. It does not mean chaos which is the world we are now living in where tyranny runs rampant. The cabal illuminati the cabal illuminati

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This is not paranoia. This is not speculation. The fact that there is a global illkminati shadow government should be an obvious thing to educated and conscious the cabal illuminati, but there is almost no one in the world talking about it. People complain about the United States. They complain about the CIA. They are told by their media to demonize and blame Russia, or China, or Iran. They complain about capitalism. They complain about liberals. They complain about conservatives.

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They complain about racists. All of these things either miss the mark completely or fail to address a bigger, darker picture. This global criminal shadow government is a dark forest. We see a tree and ignore it.

the cabal illuminati

We take the cabal illuminati few more steps through world events, and we the cabal illuminati another tree. We ignore it. Trees, trees, trees… that have been growing for more than a century, now blocking out all light and leaving us in darkness. Feel around, look all around you… it is a forest, when at best all you could see before was a tree that most pretended was not even there. The first thing for anyone to understand is that they absolutely cannot trust their news media.

Research Operation Mockingbird, and how hundreds of news figures have been on a secret payroll to broadcast lies as truth… something that has likely never ended. What affiliations do people on the CBC board have when the organization is networked to devious globalist agenda-pushers? Research the ownership of Reuters and be unsurprised that the most blatant of proof that goes against important agendas of the powerful is pretended to not exist in its news coverage. Discover for yourself that Google aggressively blocks and down-lists important sources of truth on the internet, as do Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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the cabal illuminati If you understand that the media has been corrupted, understand that enormous lies have been pushed on humanity by this media. Endless outrages have been exposed by courageous whistleblowers — government-protected drug dealing, false flag terrorist attacks, outrageous medical deceptions, etc — but if a tree falls in a forest of fully corrupted government and media, does anybody hear?

There is vast documentation that supports the idea that there is a global shadow government. Endless books have been written.

the cabal illuminati

One hardly knows where to begin in listing them. Rodney Stich wrote fantastic books providing a compilation of an enormous amount of outrageous truth sourced from whistleblowers between the 70s to 90s.]

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