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The danger of a single story summary essay

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The danger of a single story - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the danger of a single story summary essay

William Nelson Joy born November 8, is an American computer engineer and venture capitalist.

the danger of a single story summary essay

He played an integral role in the early development of BSD UNIX while being a summmary student at Berkeley[1] and he is the original author of the vi text editor. He also wrote the essay " Why The Future Doesn't Need Us ", in which he expressed deep concerns over the development of modern technologies. He earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeleyin He initially worked on a Pascal compiler left at Berkeley by Ken Thompsonwho had been visiting the university when Joy had just started his graduate work. He later moved on to improving the Unix kerneland also handled BSD distributions.

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Joy's prowess as a computer programmer is legendary, with an oft-told anecdote that he wrote the vi editor in a weekend. Joy denies this assertion. According to John Gage :. So they had this big meeting and this grad student in a T-shirt shows up, and they said, "How did you do source Rob Gurwitz, who was working at BBN at the time, disputes this version of events.

the danger of a single story summary essay

Inafter the firm had been going for six months, Joy was brought in with full co-founder status at Sun Microsystems. On September 9,Sun announced Joy was leaving the company and that he "is taking time to consider his next move and has no definite plans". In January he was named a partner in venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. There, Joy has made several investments in green energy industries, even though he does not have any credentials in the field. InJoy gained notoriety with the the danger of a single story summary essay of his article in Wired magazine, " Click here The Future Doesn't Need Us ", in which he declared, in what some have described as a " neo-Luddite " position, [19] that he was convinced that growing advances in genetic engineering and nanotechnology would bring risks to humanity.

He argued that intelligent robots would replace humanity, at the very least in intellectual and social dominance, in the relatively near future. He supports and promotes the idea of abandonment of GNR geneticsnanotechnology, and robotics technologies, instead of going into an arms race between negative uses of the technology and defense against those negative uses good nano-machines patrolling and defending against Grey goo "bad" nano-machines.

This stance of broad relinquishment was criticized by technologists such as technological-singularity thinker Ray Kurzweilwho instead advocates fine-grained relinquishment and ethical sigle. A bar-room discussion of these technologies eszay Ray Kurzweil started to set Joy's thinking along this path. He states in his essay that during the conversation, sijgle became surprised that other serious scientists were considering such possibilities likely, and even more astounded at what he the danger of a single story summary essay was a lack of consideration of the contingencies. After bringing the subject up with a few more acquaintances, he states that he was further alarmed by what he felt was the fact that although many people considered these futures possible or probable, that very few of them shared as serious a concern for the dangers as he seemed to.

This concern led to his in-depth examination of the issue and the positions of others in the scientific community on it, and eventually, to his current activities regarding it. Despite this, he is a venture capitalistinvesting in GNR technology companies. In his book Makersauthor Chris Anderson credited Joy with establishing "Joy's law" based the danger of a single story summary essay a quip: "No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else [other than you]. His "law" was a continuation of Friedrich Hayek 's " The Use hmong law enforcement association Knowledge in Society " and warned that the competition outside of a company would always have the potential to be greater than the company itself.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American computer scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems. American computer scientist. For William Joy fl. Farmington Hills, MichiganU. Main article: Joy's law management. University of California, Berkeley.

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the danger of a single story summary essay

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