The decline of the west oswald spengler -

The decline of the west oswald spengler the decline of the west oswald spengler.

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the decline of the west oswald spengler

You can also help by shopping at our online bookstore and encouraging others to do so. That Adolf Hitler represented or may still represent some sort of phenomenon is certain; his bitterest enemies will admit as much. To them he is evil incarnate; he murdered six million defenceless Jews in cold blood, started a horrible war was a frightful tyrant who delighted in the most bloody atrocities without end. The question is what is the truth about Hitler?

Is There Such a Thing as Decadence?

What sort of real meaning can we find in the story of that extraordinary period which exercises such a decided fascination over us all that any book with a swastika on the cover is almost guaranteed to be a best-seller? In fact, it is reported that through the year50, serious books have been published on Hitler and the National Socialist years in Europe! Like it or not, this makes Hitler the most popular we did not say liked subject in the western world, with a single exception, Jesus Christ! Yet, each day Adolf Hitler is killed again and again by the media. His name is so consistently pilloried that nothing is too vile to associate with it.

the decline of the west oswald spengler

Without spenlger, all of the motion pictures about him have been negative; often the facts given contradict facts in other movies just to portray him in the worst possible light. Likewise, all of the publicity about him on television has been negative and all but a tiny fraction of the books and magazine articles are the same.

the decline of the west oswald spengler

Mention his name in any company, Christians, politicians or pornographers and the reaction is sure to be the same, negative. Yet, in spite of this concentrated venom, for forty years the fascination his name and figure exerts has not diminished a fraction. Indeed, his image grows from year to year, as if propelled by an invisible force greater than the forces against him.]

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