The functionalist perspective on who should rule in society favors -

The functionalist perspective on who should rule in society favors - can not

Placing person found guilty, but not convicted, on probation. The terms of probation shall include that he: i Report to the court not less than twice in each year at times and places fixed in the order; ii Conduct himself in a law-abiding manner; iii Not leave the state without the consent of the court; and iv Conform his conduct to any other terms of probation the court finds proper. We must also take note of W. Placing person convicted on probation; suspension of imposition or execution of sentence; imposition of fine. Laws ch. Originally enacted in , W. State, P. Laws, ch. King v. the functionalist perspective on who should rule in society favors.

Structuration Theory This essay is an attempt to discuss the problems political parties in Zambia are facing by using structural-functionalist and their contributions to liberal democracy. The academic piece shall begin by defining the key terms; those being, structural-functionalist, political parties and liberal democracy. This will be followed by a comprehensive discussion of political parties, focused on, with examples, the Zambian scene.

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Lastly, a brief conclusion based on the discussion will be outlined. It also views society in terms of their functions. Mertonmade an important distinctions between manifest and latent functions. The manifest functions of an institution are open, stated, conscious functions. By contrast, latent functions as unconscious or unintended functions and may reflect hidden purposes of an institution. Structural-functionalist acknowledges that not all parts of the society contribute to its stability all the time. Social life depends on unity and cooperation of a group. The functionalist points out that for society to be stable the different parts of the society must contribute to the stability of society.

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For instance, the teachers should teach the society to reduce illiteracy, the doctors are making sure that society is healthy, and the police maintain order. Hence society becomes stable since everyone is contributing. According to MacIvera political party is an association organized in support of some principles or policy which constitutional means it endeavors to make the determinant of government. Not only that, a political party consists of a group of citizens, more or less organized, who act as a learn more here unit and who by the use of their voting power, aim to control the government and carry out their general policies.

Similarly, a political party is different from a pressure group, though in some cases the distinction between the two is almost blurred. According to BallIt may be said that a political party is an organization of numerous people who are openly committed to broad matters of public policy and who want to assume direct responsibility for their policies by seeking monopolize power or share it with other parties in a position of political power. According to Barkerthe panorama of a party system is so fluid that a good number of pressure groups behave like political parties.

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The cases of fragmentation and polarization of political parties may also be taken note of. It is also possible that some minor political organizations emerge at the time of elections and then they disappear. But the most essential fact remains that three, four even more parties ryle to share power. When one party forms government or few form coalition to hold power, other parties play a role of opposition. It not only keeps the government vigilant, it also prevents it from being arbitrary and irresponsible.

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funvtionalist The leaders of the opposition expose acts of corruption, nepotism, scandals and maladministration in which great men in power are involved. According to Lasswellthe political parties enable the power to hold the government in check. The constant presence of a recognized opposition is an obstacle to despotism, with a programmed fairly within the limits of a possible public opinion, is a bulwark against the tyranny, not only of a despot but also a practical political majority.]

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