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The great society speech analysis - consider, that

His mother was a Quaker , and his father converted from Methodism to the Quaker faith. His brother Donald is to his right. Nixon's upbringing was marked by evangelical Quaker observances of the time such as refraining from alcohol, dancing, and swearing. Nixon had four brothers: Harold — , Donald — , Arthur — , and Edward — In an area with many Quakers, Frank Nixon opened a grocery store and gas station. With a family history of tuberculosis , he was forbidden to play sports.

The great society speech analysis - apologise, but

Presidential speechwriter Samuel Rosenman wrote: The philosophy that had prevailed in Washington since , that the object of government was to provide prosperity for those who lived and worked at the top of the economic pyramid, in the belief that prosperity would trickle down to the bottom of the heap and benefit all. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary notes that the first known use of "trickle-down" as an adjective meaning "relating to or working on the principle of trickle-down theory" was in [15] while the first known use of "trickle-down theory" was in Johnson alleged " Republicans [ They're so busy operating the trickle-down theory, giving the richest corporations the biggest break, that the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket. President, the trickle-down theory attributed to the Republican Party has never been articulated by President Reagan and has never been articulated by President Bush and has never been advocated by either one of them. One might argue whether trickle-down makes any sense or not. To attribute to people who have advocated the opposite in policies is not only inaccurate but poisons the debate on public issues. Why would anyone advocate that we "give" something to A in hopes that it would trickle down to B? Why in the world would any sane person not give it to B and cut out the middleman? But all this is moot, because there was no trickle-down theory about giving something to anybody in the first place. The great society speech analysis the great society speech analysis the great society speech analysis

Youth[ edit ] My whole religion is this: do every duty, and expect no reward for it, either here or hereafter. Cambridge is one of the few places where one can talk unlimited nonsense and generalities without anyone pulling one up or confronting one with them when one says just the opposite the next day.

the great society speech analysis

Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true. I do wish I believed in the life eternal, for it makes me quite miserable to think man is merely a kind of machine endowed, unhappily for himself, with consciousness. Greek Exercises ; at the age of fifteen, Russell used to write down his reflections in this book, for fear that his people should find out what he was thinking.

I should like to believe my people's religion, which was just what I could wish, but alas, it is here. I have really no religion, for my God, being a spirit shown merely by reason to exist, his properties utterly unknown, the great society speech analysis no help to my life.

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I have the great society speech analysis the parson's comfortable doctrine that every action has its reward, and every sin is forgiven.

My whole religion is this: do every duty, and expect no reward for it, either here or hereafter. Greek Exerciseswritten two days after his sixteenth birthday. Letter to Alys Pearsall Smith ; published in The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell, Volume 1: The Private Years —edited by Nicholas Griffin Thee will find out in time that I have a great love of professing vile sentiments, I don't know why, unless it springs from long efforts to avoid priggery. Letter to Alys Pearsall Smith Smith was a Quaker, thus the archaic use of "Thee" in this and other letters to her.

Thee might observe incidentally that if the state paid for child-bearing it might and ought to require a medical certificate that the parents were such as to give a reasonable result of a healthy child — this would afford the great society speech analysis very good inducement to some sort of care for the race, and gradually as public article source became educated by the law, it might react on the law and make that more stringent, until one got to some state of things in which there would be a little genuine care for the race, instead of the present haphazard higgledy-piggledy ways.

It should be noted that in his talk of "the race", he is referring to "the human race". Smith married Russell in December ; they divorced in It is essential not to discuss whether the first proposition is really true, and not to mention what the anything is, of which it is supposed to be true.

the great society speech analysis

Both these points would belong to applied mathematics.]

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