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HBO Max is still streaming Godzilla vs.

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Kong through the end of April, and Mortal Kombat lands next Friday. Here's everything to know about HBO's amped up streaming service. HBO Max is the premium network's streaming service featuring all the channel's regular programming plus an amped-up of extra shows, movies and originals. The latest is Godzilla vs. Kongwhich is available through April 30 -- these first-run flicks are available on Max for one month only. Next up will be Mortal Kombatarriving next week Friday.

Which Warner Bros. movies are going to stream on HBO Max? What are the release dates?

See below for a list of all the movies and their expected release dates on HBO Maxplus details on what time they become available. But HBO Max has killed its weeklong free trial.

the help movie setting

That means if you want to stream its originals or any of the Warner Bros. A cheaper version is coming.

the help movie setting

srtting And the new tier is missing a big draw: The cheaper, ad-supported tier won't have any of those brand-new Warner Bros. If you want to stream those films, you have to subscribe on the pricier, ad-free level. Get CNET's comprehensive coverage of home entertainment tech delivered to your inbox.

When do these movies land on HBO Max? What time can I stream them?

Beyond those first-run Warner Bros. For the same price, HBO Max roughly doubles the amount of programming. There's an overview of shows and movies below.]

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