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It was proposed by Georges Auguste Couthon but seems to have been written by Robespierre according to Laurent Lecointre.

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Introducing the decree at the Convention, Georges Couthonwho had drafted it, argued las political crimes were far worse than common crimes because in the latter 'only individuals are wounded' where as in the former 'the existence of free society is threatened'. Under these circumstances, 'indulgence is an atrocity On 29 April it was reported the law of 22 prairial the forty prisons of Paris contained 6, prisoners; by 11 June this number had increased to 7, and by 28 July to 7, What was to be done? Precedents had been created at Lyon, Marseille and elsewhere Praairial law was also prompted the law of 22 prairial the idea that members of the Convention who had pririal Georges Danton were politically unreliable - a view shared by Robespierre, Couthon, Saint-Just and others.

They felt that these people needed more info be brought swiftly to justice without a full debate by the Convention itself. The law extended the reach of the Revolutionary Tribunalwhich henceforth could hear cases for 'slandering patriotism', 'seeking to inspire discouragement', 'spreading false news' and 'depraving morals, corrupting the public conscience and impairing the purity and energy of the revolutionary government'. It placed an active obligation on all citizens to denounce and bring to justice those suspected - 'Every citizen is empowered to seize conspirators and counterrevolutionaries, and to bring them before the magistrates.

He is required to denounce them as soon as he knows of them. It limited trials in the Revolutionary Tribunal to three days. It prevented the Revolutionary Tribunal both from calling witnesses, or from allowing defence counsel to the accused. Juries were to come to judgement entirely on the basis of the accusation and the accused's own defence.

the law of 22 prairial

It required the Tribunal to come to one of only two possible verdicts - acquittal or death. The law cancelled all previous legislation on the same subject. Without being explicit, this removed the immunity of members of the Convention, which until then had protected them from summary arrest and required that the Convention itself vote to send any of its members to trial. The Prairial Law had an immediate effect on the tempo of executions under the Terror. From an average of five executions a day in Germinal the law of 22 prairial, the rate rose to seventeen in Prairial and twenty-six in Messidor. The proposals were met with dismay when they were presented to the Convention.

The Committee of Public Safety had not reviewed the text before it was presented, although it was presented in the name of the Committee itself.

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The Committee of General Security had not even been informed that the law was being drafted. Some of the deputies were uneasy, in particular, about the removal of their immunity and asked for the debate to be adjourned so the clauses could be examined. Robespierre refused and demanded immediate discussion. At his insistence the entire decree was voted on, clause by clause. It passed. The amendment was passed.

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Furious, Robespierre and Couthon returned to the Convention the next day, 12 June, and demanded that the amendment of the previous day be revoked. Robespierre made a number of veiled threats and during the debate clashed particularly with Jean-Lambert Tallien.

the law of 22 prairial

As the Terror accelerated and members felt more and more threatened, Tallien and others began to make plans for the overthrow of Robespierre. Less than link months later, on 27 July, Tallien and his associates overthrew Robespierrebeginning the Thermidorian Reaction. The Law of 22 Prairial was repealed on 1 August and Antoine Quentin Fouquier-Tinvillewho had presided over the Revolutionary Tribunal, was arrested and later guillotined.

Law of 22 Prairial. Citizens pp. Robespierre p. Citizens p.]

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