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The problem of evil essay 188
The problem of evil essay 201
the problem of evil essay The problem of evil essay

Quite honestly, to say that hell is somehow a solution to the problem is evil seems much like somebody saying that walking is a solution to the flat tire on my bicycle. The problem of evil is not the problem for Christianity people think it is.

the problem of evil essay

Because our entire story is about the problem of evil. But it does get solved.

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That could be million years in the future, or even more — we simply have no idea. As for the problem of evil being problem for atheism, I really fail to understand this point. It simply makes no sense to say that the not believing that gods exist makes the problem of evil a problem. When we look at our closest cousins, the chimpanzee, we see that they will kill other chimps, including members of their own tribe.

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Frankly, on a naturalistic worldview, evil and suffering are not really are that surprising given that we live in a world with limit resources and where evolution is blind to outcomes other than what produces survival. Frankly, that anybody would suggest that hell is a solution only shows how poorly the author understands what the problem of evil represents.

the problem of evil essay

In fact, when we look at the theistic explanations for evil they are always ad-hoc, and very hypothetical. But one part of our larger egil is that, in the end, evil is click here. Now you as a theist must explain why the evil is present and explain would even allow for it in the first place.

A perfect God ought to be able to create beings who have no desire to act selfishly. In a world created by a perfect God evil would simply be a byproduct of our lack of understanding rather than any conscious desire to inflict harm on others.

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It just pushes it back. Many people have no problem with a God who forgives. The problem is a God who punishes.]

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  1. It is nonsense!

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