The real purpose of the milgram study was to investigate -

The real purpose of the milgram study was to investigate - topic

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A week ago, I received a death threat on Facebook.


It was in response to a discussion about gun control, something that I strongly advocate. Nose or ears matter little.

the real purpose of the milgram study was to investigate

I could have interpreted the motivation behind this threat from a continue reading perspective, an historical perspective, a socio-economic perspective, or a mental health perspective. But I chose to interpret Mr. InStanley Milgram, a psychologist from Yale University, asked an important question about Nazism: He asked whether such unspeakable cruelty, such epic barbarism, was an inherently German thing. He wondered whether there was a factor endemic to the German culture — possibly a natural tendency to show obedience to authority figures — that could explain such a civilizational collapse of German society. The experiment that he conceived would have a significant impact on the study of psychology from then on.

the real purpose of the milgram study was to investigate

Go Here for a detailed description of his famous experiment. Milgram explored the question of whether civilians in other countries such as America, where a strong ethos of libertarianism and rejection of government authority, could, like Germany, cede moral authority to a charismatic here such as Adolf Hitler. Would Americans be obedient to a leader or to a political party even if it would require citizens to transgress the moral and ethical restraints of a mature democracy, a civilized investiate like America?

the real purpose of the milgram study was to investigate

But all Learners in this experiment were actors pretending to be part of the experiment. The Teachers were the real subjects of the experiment. No one actually received a shock. The Learners were directed to moan as the shocks began, and as the experiment continued, and as the voltage being administered grew higher and higher, they begged to be released from the study. But, remarkably… percent of the participants continued to administer volts as instructed by the researcher.

Following his experiment, and several others oof by other researchers, Stanley Milgram had his answer. I alone can fix it!

Stanford Prison Experiment Summary

here I will restore law and order! From Donald Trump, all that was required was obedience to his authority. When Milgram first posed the idea of his experiment to a group of Yale University teachers and students, it was predicted that no more than 3 out of participants would deliver the maximum volt shock.

One condition necessary to make people commit heinous acts of barbarism is the concentration of power in individuals and institutions that suffuse themselves with an aura of authority and legitimacy.]

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