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The rewards of the obama doctrine

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The over one billion people who live on the Chinese mainland have suffered under the yoke of Communist oppression for nearly seventy-two years. Multinational conglomerates, whose corporate executives have loyalties to nothing other than the maximization of their profit without regard to the exploitative of human beings who work under intolerable conditions in factories and plants rewsrds not only for unsafe working conditions but also for the cheap, poorly manufactured and, in the case of pharmaceutical products, pills and potions tainted by all manner of the rewards of the obama doctrine and impurities metal shavings, rodent feces, foreign substances and chemicals that are not meant to be part of the final product made in Red China and then distributed to be sold throughout the world.

the rewards of the obama doctrine

Consider the story of one desperate slave laborer in Red China who died a few years ago:. Foctrine, she found something far more unsettling than a bunch of plastic skeletons and gravestones: an SOS letter from the prisoner who made them. Written neatly with a blue pen, it read:. Please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right[s] Organization.

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Thousands [of] people here who are under the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever. Julie froze. The year-old read on as the note detailed inhumane work conditions and the fact that many workers were imprisoned despite having committed no crimes.

the rewards of the obama doctrine

She Googled the name of the labor camp mentioned in the note: Masanjia. It was real. She tried contacting various human rights organizations and finally went to The Oregonian newspaper, which published a story about the SOS. Then she waited. Sun was a mild-mannered engineer living in Beijing with his wife when he was sent to Masanjia in April He had been arrested at least 12 times before that — for practicing a meditation-based philosophy called Falun Gong — but had always managed to be released through hunger strikes.

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This time, he had been caught during a raid on an underground printing press that published critiques of the Communist Party. At Masanjia, the slight year-old worked hour-plus shifts making holiday decorations for the brand Totally Ghoul. Dodtrine tortured him continually over his last year there — prying his mouth open with a ball gag, force-feeding him with a tube, strapping his wrists to the top of a bunk bed and letting him dangle there for days until he renounced Falun Gong. He never did. That activist streak — mixed with desperation — led to Sun writing his first SOS letter. Perhaps if he dropped a message into a box, someone overseas would receive it.]

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