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The storm by kate chopin

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The Storm by Kate Chopin the storm by kate chopin

Since the beginning of time, men have always dominated women. Women always lived in the shadows of men and men were always the head of the household. Our society has always been believed to be a patriarchal society. Louise portrays the true feelings of a woman york human feels trapped inside her marriage, the desperation for freedom and. A patriarchal society is a society runned by men. Although Chopin does not specifically write how Louise was living. The reader can imagine Louise living a traditional live. Meaning she spent most of her time at home under the control of her husband. Even in a happy marriage, women were limited to the things they wished to do.

the storm by kate chopin

Many married women wanted to do thing without their husband permissions but were prehobied because men were the rule makers. After Mr. She grows excitement and begins to dream about living her independent life. Mallard was said to die because of relieve that her husband was alive. In reality readers can understand that Mrs. For one hour she lived in a world of freedom, until her husband vhopin. Louise portrays the true feelings of a women who feels trapped inside her marriage.

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She also portrays the the freedom women wished they had. Women wanted more than just to be a housewife. They wanted of the household, be financially independent and most importantly have the same freedom men had.

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the storm by kate chopin

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