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This Tuskegee Study Descendant Wants You to Get the COVID Vaccine

COVID vaccinations began in Decemberand when it became clear that not everyone embraced vaccines, murmurings about the effect of a year-old study began.

the tuskegee experiment

The narrative goes like this: African-Americans are getting vaccinated at a lower rate than Whites, which will disrupt herd immunity ; Black people are refusing vaccinations because of the Tuskegee Institute study. The tuskegee experiment Tuskegee studyconducted between andgave placebos to Black men who believed they were being treated for syphilis so that researchers could track the natural history of the disease. Rxperiment is an appalling example of unethical research, but endlessly citing the study as a reason for low uptake of vaccine neglects the real factors that contribute to low vaccination rates among African Americans.

the tuskegee experiment

The process to register for a vaccination is a barrier for many: It requires a smartphone or a laptop, access to the internet and the ability to the tuskegee experiment a government website — all major barriers for many people. In Washington, D. Also, most African Americans are not eligible for the vaccine just yet because they are not old enough.

the tuskegee experiment

In most states, vaccines were first made available to people over the age of 65 or There are far fewer African Americans who qualify by age. Whites have a larger older population than any other group. Inthe average age for White Americans was 58, compared to 27 for African Expwriment this vast difference can be attributed to the post-World War II baby boom between towhere White people had the largest the tuskegee experiment gain. Fast forward to Priority is being given to elders, so more White people will get vaccinated because there are more of them. Invoking Tuskegee gives the illusion that the mistreatment of Black Americans within the health care system is safely in the past.

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The truth is that lived experiences are enough to raise skepticism in the whole health care system, including, perhaps, vaccine doubts. Blaming vaccine hesitancy on Tuskegee overshadows the racist treatment that Black Americans face every day. The condescending invocation of Tuskegee obscures the real roadblock to herd immunity: Republicans. Even Republican lawmakers are refusing to get vaccinated, and far-right extremists have moved from false claims that the tuskeege the tuskegee experiment stolen to false claims about the dangers of COVID vaccines.

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Vaccine refusal among Republicans and Whites is not new. Other studies xeperiment that it is predominately White families who refuse vaccines for their children, and that their beliefs are linked to socioeconomic privilege. Tuskegee will always be a sordid part of American history, but the narrative that Tuskegee made Black people fear vaccines is false.]

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