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Themes in medea themes in medea

Medea is a woman of extreme behavior and extreme emotion. For her themes in medea love for Jasonshe sacrificed all, committing unspeakable acts on his behalf. But his betrayal of her has transformed passion into rage. Her violent and intemperate heart, formerly devoted to Jason, now is set on his destruction. The Greeks were very interested in the extremes of emotion and the consequences of leaving emotion unchecked; they also tended to see strong passion and rage as part and parcel of greatness. Medea is an example of passion carried too far, in a woman perversely set on choosing rage over mercy and reason.

Medeo is a Play Based on the Myth of Jason and Medea Written by Euripides

The seductive appeal of revenge is part of the play's enduring popularity. Medea themes in medea willing to sacrifice everything to make her revenge perfect. She murders her own children, paradoxically, to protect them from the counter-revenge of her enemies; she see more kills them to hurt Jason, although in slaying them she is dooming herself to a life of remorse and grief. But part of Medea's appeal is its power as a revenge fantasy; just like Medea, all have at one time or another been beset by enemies whose power is institutionally protected and unfair.

And like Medea, we have fantasized about the satisfaction of a perfect revenge.

Passion and Rage

Like the Chorus, we watch Medea with a mixture of horror and excitement. The Greeks were fascinated by the thin line between greatness and hubris. Throughout their literature, there is a sense that the same traits that make a man or woman great can lead to their destruction.

themes in medea

Euripides plays with the idea of greatness here, often to surprising effects. Medea has some themes in medea the makings of a great hero, but Euripides distorts and dislocates these traits, twisting some of the conventions mwdea his art. Her greatness of intellect and self-absorption are beyond doubt, but the reduced field for these talents makes her into a monster. Pride, closely connected to greatness, is likewise distorted. While many tragedies give us a kind of clean satisfaction in the tragic, any satisfaction gained from watching Medea takes perverse form.

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Medea's pride drives her to unnecessarily brutal action. There is a tremendous sense of waste. She fully exacts her revenge, and then takes the brutality a step further, beyond the bounds of myth, by slaying her own children Euripides' addition to the story. Hers is the damaged and distorted pride of visit web page woman, condescended to for her sex and her barbarian origin, who is nonetheless superior to everyone around her.

After all she has suffered, in some ways Medea is most infuriated when she is ridiculed by fools. Euripides was fascinated by women and the contradictions of the Greek sex-gender themes in medea his treatment of gender is the most sophisticated one to be found in the works of any ancient Greek writer. Medea's opening speech to the Chorus is Classical Themes in medea literature's most eloquent statement about the injustices that befall women. He also recognizes that the position of women, and their subordination to men, is inextricable from the very core of social order in Greece. Greek society functions thanks to injustice.

themes in medea

Athens, a city that prided itself as a place more free than the neighboring dictatorships, was nonetheless a city that depended on slave labor and the oppression of women. The typical apology offered by admirers of Athens is that all ancient societies were sexist and dependent on slave labor; this generality is untrue.

Many societies were more generous in their treatment of women than the Greeks were; and many societies functioned, even in themes in medea ancient world, without slave labor. Euripides was aware of these hypocrisies, and he often pointed out the ways that Greek society attempted to efface or excuse the injustices it perpetrated. At the same time, Medea is not exactly a feminist role model. Euripides shows the difficulties that befall women, but he does not give us tinny virgin heroines. He gives us real women, who have suffered and become twisted by their suffering. What we see is not a story of female liberation, but a war between the sexes in which all emerge scarred. The Other is a key theme. Medea's foreignness is emphasized from the start: the Nursefrom the very opening lines, reminds us that Medea comes from a distant and exotic land. Several points themes in medea be born in mind when reflecting on this aspect of the play.]

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