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While the global financial crisis GFC in battered the developed countries, Africa barely felt its effects. Even if its global trade was mainly commodity-based, it brought about much needed economic development in the continent and pulled many Africans out of poverty. However, in the second decade, the multiple effects of the American shale revolution, the economic and debt crisis within the Eurozone countries, as well as the declining growth rate in China, started to have an economic impact on Africa. To make matters worse, the economic stagnation in Nigeria and South Africa , coupled with the Arab Spring affecting the Northern African countries, dented the overall growth of the African continent. There are ominous signs; and what Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe wrote in seems appropriate to describe the situation: Things fall apart. More than a year has passed since the discovery of the coronavirus Covid An analysis of the Covid data from the World Health Organisation WHO shows that for the whole of , there were 82,, infection cases and 1,, deaths recorded globally. As for Africa, there were 2,, cases and 64, deaths. This means that despite the low testing rate in Africa, the statistics show that the infection and mortality rate are increasing rapidly. things fall apart character analysis

Social class and identity are two vital concepts that determine the personality and social relationship of individuals. As such, both concepts define the way people relate within their society.

things fall apart character analysis

This research however exposed how class stratification and identity define the relations of people within the society through class structure. This research however adopted social realism as its theory. Thlngs realism as a theory gives a glaring spotlight on the lives of characters as a means of criticizing the social structures that keep them in place.

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The method of investigation adopted is social realism things fall apart character analysis which was used to espouse the reality between social class and identity. It is ascertained by some scholars that social class and identity are vital pillars in building a strong African society; it is in this regard that this study has showed the links between these concepts and revealed specific examples through Things Fall Apart and We Need New Names and equally established the charactter roles that both concepts can play in constructing a positive African society.

Keywords: Social class, social realism, identity, personality, Africa, society, African literature. Preview Only. Aims and Objectives 2 1. Statement of the Problem 2 1.

Okonkwo’s Resistance to Change in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

Purpose of the Study 3 1. Significance of the Study 3 1. Scope of the Study 3 1. Literature,Social Class and Identity. Social Realism:An Overview 10 2.

Gender Roles In A Thousand Splendid Suns

Synopsis of Things Fall Apart 14 3. Analysis of the Major Characters 15 3.

things fall apart character analysis

ImpactofSocial ClassonDarlingsIdentity 43 4. Gender as a Social Construct. Summary 48 5.]

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