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Thomas paine common sense quotes

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The four factors are entrepreneurship, capital goods, natural resources, and labor. Government, they said, would finally tap the tremendous power of the entrepreneurial process and the force of the free market into making government more effective and efficient. It sounded so revolutionary and so American. Being open-minded and wanting to help us get back to what the framers of the Constitution had built for us, we wanted this to be true. Sustainable Development policy includes population control; development control; technology control; resource control; and in a great sense, thought control. Sustainable Development is not freedom. Not one of the three principles apply. There is no individuality as it advocates group policies; there is no private property under Sustainable Development — period. And there is no free enterprise as markets and supplies are tightly controlled by the hand of government.

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Common Sense by Thomas Paine thomas paine common sense quotes.

To most people, the definition of history is simple — it is what happened in the past.

thomas paine common sense quotes

However, it is really not that simple. Since we cannot revisit the past except if you are Dr. Whothe main tasks of the historian is to interpret the artifacts that have been left behind.

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You have probably experienced primary sources in your own life. For example, many of you have visited museums, and the objects found in a museum are primary source objects — things created by those people living in the past. Another example is a book that may have been assigned in a class like one from Shakespeare or Jane Austin; those too are considered primary sources because they are written by authors from the past. When historians write about the past, they interpret the meaning of those objects. A textbook, for example, is a secondary source because it was thomas paine common sense quotes by a xense living today.

Other examples of secondary sources which again, are interpretations of the past include most history books at Barnes and Noble, documentaries on TV, and even movies think of Twelve Years a Slave. One of the problems that historians face is the biased nature of sources. It is important to consider who created the object, why they created it, and what message was it intended to convey. Even historians can be biased based on their personal beliefs politics, religion, race, gender, etc. You are required read all of the primary source assigned, take notes, and then present your findings to the class. Here is how it pine work: 1.

thomas paine common sense quotes

You will read the document by Thomas Paine, then use his arguments to present a compelling case for independence. Your posting should convey at least three of the main themes conveyed by Paine, as well as include quotes from the reading to illustrate your main points.]

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