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t=ia physics.

Introduction[ edit ] In Einstein's general theory of relativitygravity is treated as a phenomenon resulting from the curvature of spacetime. This curvature is caused by the presence of mass. Generally, the more mass that is contained within a given volume of space, the greater the curvature of spacetime will be at the boundary of its volume. t=ia physics

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In certain circumstancesaccelerating objects generate changes in this curvature, which propagate outwards at t=ia physics speed of light in a wave-like manner. These propagating phenomena are known as gravitational waves. As a gravitational wave passes an observer, that observer will find spacetime distorted by the effects of strain. Distances between objects increase and decrease rhythmically as the wave passes, at a frequency equal to that of the wave. The magnitude of this effect decreases in proportion to the inverse distance from the source. However, due to the astronomical distances to these sources, the effects when measured on Earth are predicted to be very small, having strains of less than 1 part in Scientists have demonstrated the existence of these waves with ever more sensitive detectors. Linearly polarised gravitational t=ia physics Gravitational waves can penetrate regions of space that electromagnetic waves cannot.

They see more the observation of the merger of black holes and possibly other exotic objects in the distant Universe.

Such systems cannot be observed with more traditional means such as optical telescopes or radio telescopesand so gravitational wave astronomy gives new insights into the working of the Universe. In particular, gravitational waves could be of interest to cosmologists as t=ia physics offer phtsics possible way of observing the very early Universe.

This is not possible with conventional astronomy, since before recombination the Universe was opaque to electromagnetic radiation. In principle, gravitational waves could exist at any frequency. T=ia physics, very low frequency waves would be impossible to detect, and there is no credible source for detectable waves of very high frequency as well.]

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