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Yamamoto, published by Tetsuya T. Yamamoto which was released on 20 April The theme on this book is an elementary analysis of football tracking data.

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Analysis programs made by the author are opened. The open tracking data analyzed in this book is observed in a mini-game format 8 vs.

tom dancs

The author is grateful to Dr. In chapter 3, described is an elementary analysis. Several steps are necessary to apply analysis results for coaches' decisions. An attempt for such steps is three indexes for detecting off-the-ball movements in chapter tom dancs.

tom dancs

In chapter 5, the author described restrictions of the Voronoi diagrams in the football analysis. Tom dancs Voronoi diagrams in the football games show consistent personal areas, at a glance. However, one must understand assumptions that the Voronoi diagrams include in the football analysis.

tom dancs

Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 1.]

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