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Trazabone 1 day ago · Kulning is a very loud, high pitched, far-traveling herding call set to a general musical tune used by herders in parts of Scandanavia. But that understates well, basically every part of it. Kulning is loud. At maximum volume and point blank range, it can be as high as decibels. Many areas in this comarca have ancient passages and resting places of transhumant cattle herders, known locally as lligallos, that were very important in the past. Almost all Montsià municipalities are part of the Taula del Sénia free association or mancomunitat (commonwealth). Municipalities. Municipality Population ()Autonomous community: Catalonia. 3 days ago · Request PDF | An empirical approach of past and present mobility management in the desert societies of camel breeders in South Eastern Morocco | Nomad, semi-nomad and transhumant .
Transhumant herders 15 hours ago · Drove roads (DRs) are the traditional routes used by herders and livestock for their seasonal movements in search of the most productive pastures. Shaped by traditional transhumant flocks, in those areas where herbivore management is critical for maintaining the DR biodiversity and functionality. Alicante Apr 11,  · Again, the challenge of farmer-herder conflicts is hard enough without citizens conflating the operations of transhumant herders with that of sedentary herders. The expectation that sedentary. 3 days ago · With time, nature took over, rolling out secondary ecological successions. Forests regenerated on some of the abandoned agricultural terraces. 21 These new arbored patches coexisted with difficulty with overstocking and poorly managed grazing, as many landowners preferred renting out their parcels to transhumant herders instead of cultivating.
transhumant herders

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transhumant herders

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