Tropical rainforest keystone species -

Tropical rainforest keystone species - goes

Back to Publications Issues in Tropical Forest Landscapes Series This series of papers concentrates on critical issues faced in the management and conservation of tropical forest regions today and has proved invaluable for delivering up-to-date, relevant information to research users on specific matters of concern. The Centre worked closely with its research users in identifying these important issues. For each issue, the series examined the current state of scientific knowledge, research achievements, critical gaps in knowledge, priorites for action and management options. You can download issues from the series in PDF format directly below. They play important roles in the reproduction, regeneration and dispersal of plants within rainforests, eucalypt forests, woodlands and wetlands. tropical rainforest keystone species Tropical rainforest keystone species tropical rainforest keystone species

Question 4 of 5 4. Question The primary productivity of the tropical rain forest is lower when compared to that of the temperate forests.

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This is because of a Intense leaching of soil in tropical rain forests b Low microbial activity in tropical regions c Dense vegetation Cover in tropical rain forests d Practice of slash and burn agriculture in many tropical regions Correct Solution: a The soil is poor in nutrients and acidic due to frequent leaching by heavy rains.

Frequent rains wash away the top soil leaving only certain mineral and organic remains.

tropical rainforest keystone species

So, if these forests are cleared, it will not yield tremendous vegetation growth as seen in tropical forests for a long time. However, rainforests are also notable for replenishing the soil quickly with dead organic matter e.

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Incorrect Solution: a The soil is poor in nutrients and acidic due to frequent leaching by heavy rains. Question 5 of 5 Consider the following statements.

tropical rainforest keystone species

The park was created to protect its keystone species, the Nilgiri tahr. The park is characterised by montane grasslands and shrublands interspersed with sholas in a high-altitude area of high rainfall, near-freezing temperatures and high winds.

The park is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The above statements mainly refer to a Mukurthi National Park.]

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