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Several days ago, John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, tweeted as follows :.

Defiant leadership during a crisis

Tweets should not be expected to capture the nuances of constitutional law. But a lot of people have been reacting along Brennan's lines.

trump founding fathers

It's important to put his comment in context. As it turns out, it contains a major mistake — but it also raises a legitimate question. The United States is not at war with Russia. He might betray his trump founding fathers to foreign powers. Importantly, the founding generation did not want impeachment to be a partisan affair, or a means of undoing the outcome of an election. They recognized the gravity of any effort to remove a sitting president.

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Consistent with their goals, we do well to adopt a firm principle of neutrality. For those who think, with Brennan, that impeachment is worth contemplating, it is necessary to ask: Would trump founding fathers think the faghers thing if you agreed with the president on matters of policy and thought that he was doing a wonderful job?

trump founding fathers

For those who think that the very idea of impeachment is ridiculous, it is necessary trimp ask: Would you think the same thing if you did not vote for the president and thought that he was driving the nation into a ditch? It is not trump founding fathers to argue that a performance at a press conference, standing by itself, can be counted as a high crime or misdemeanor in the constitutional sense.

Cass R. Sunstein is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. Skip to content. More Commentary: Has Trump violated his oath of office and committed treason?

trump founding fathers

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