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Tuberculosis (TB) - Causes, Treatment, Prevention and Transmission - Prokaryotes tuberculosis is caused by a Tuberculosis is caused by a tuberculosis is caused by a

Tuberculosis, or TB, has been around for a long time — the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote about it, and TB germs have been found in Egyptian mummies and in bones dating back 5, years. In the days before antibiotics, TB patients go to sanitariums for rest and fresh air. Since the discovery of antibiotics, TB rates have declined dramatically but the disease is still a major health problem around the world, causing some 1.

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Today, nearly one out of three people worldwide is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that causes TB. In the U. An estimated 11 million healthy Americans are tuberculosis is caused by a with the TB bacterium, and about click percent will develop the disease at some point in their lives. In fact, estimates show that only one quarter of people infected with TB in this country have even been diagnosed. In simplest terms, if the TB germ is present in your lungs, you have TB. If your immune system is doing its job, the germ should not cause much trouble. This is called latent TB. Sometimes, latent TB can turn into active TB. It usually attacks lung tissue, but can also target other parts of your body, such as the joints, bones, urinary tract, or central nervous system. Even at this point, symptoms might be barely noticeable, but the infection will be contagious.

About 10 percent of all latent TB infections eventually become active. To catch the disease, it often takes long-term contact, such as spending several hours per day with a person who has an active infection. TB spreads through the air when a person with active TB disease coughs.

World Tuberculosis Day 2020: TB Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Prevention

Not surprisingly, the disease tends to spread most quickly in crowded and poorly ventilated places, including prisons and homeless shelters. Anyone who spends a lot of time around someone tuberculosis is caused by a an active case of the disease is a target for TB infection. People living or working in health-care facilities, nursing homes, homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers, or prisons are also at higher risk, and should be tested for TB.

For similar reasons, people who have weakened immune systems because of cancer treatment, malnutrition, or substance abuse are also at increased risk. Also, people with diabetes who are infected with TB have a three times greater chance of developing active TB. That translates to a 30 percent overall lifetime risk versus 10 percent in otherwise healthy infected people.

tuberculosis is caused by a

By the latest estimates, about 60 percent of the people in the United States with latent TB were born in another country. Also, people of any age can be infected, but the highest case rates are seen among those age 65 and older.

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Even if the disease becomes active and contagious, symptoms can be mild or even nonexistent. But if an active case of TB becomes serious enough, the signs will be impossible to ignore. Like other infections of the lungs, tuberculosis can trigger coughing.]

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