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The docking scene from Interstellar. Jegel JGL - noun. Pretentious - adjective. Any movie made before that isn't in color. Movies made by Nicolas Roeg are also automatically pretentious. Movies that aren't Superhero movies are automatically pretentious too. For me it's the Snyder Cut. It really changes my eyesight into a aspect ratio and it can now filter everything in black and white. From Chloe Sevigny, that girl is just pure white trash, yet she's a millionaire and a "model". Twelve angry men quotes

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twelve angry men quotes

Sons of Anarchy - S01E01 Crime. I think you made your point. Scandal S07E01 Watch Me. Seinfeld - S03E02 The Truth.

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The Sopranos - S01E07 Drama. TMNT The Angry Birds Movie Okay, Sheldon, I think you've made your point. NewsRadio - S01E Deep Cover.

twelve angry men quotes

NewsRadio - S05E13 Romance. Superstore - S02E01 Strike. Marvel's Agent Carter - S02E Make Meme.]

twelve angry men quotes

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