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Quileute Tribe Twilight Nance, written This exhibition brings together rare works of art as a counterpoint to the supernatural storyline of the popular Twilight films. This tribe of Indians, who for many centuries were American Aborigines. In the books, the tribe is described as mainly fishermen and whalers and really secretive about their legends. Leah Clearwater born sometime in , is a Quileute native american and a member of the Quileute wolf pack. The Quileute men still carve traditional cedar canoes that are paddled in tribal canoe races and the annual Tribal Journey, which the Quileute participate in each year. Their reservation, a once quiet and somewhat isolated place, is now a popular tourist destination for thousands of middle-school-age girls and their families. Even the tribal name "Quileute" comes from their word for wolf, Kwoli. To much of the world, the Quileute are known as the Clan of Shape-Shifting Werewolves in the popular book and movie series, "Twilight. Collin is very loyal to Sam, and thinks Leah is the most beautiful woman in the world. Twilight from edwards pov twilight from edwards pov

Chapter Text 3rd person POV Edward slipped on a pale blue v-neck shirt after drying off his body from the snower.

It had to be Jessica

Edward stepped out of the room, drying off his still dripping hair and observed Jessica. She was in the middle of throwing on a thin, white cardigan. Her eyes edwardss and Edward could hear her heart rapidly beating in her chest like a sudden here. His body slowly tensed up like a cat about to be put in a bath as he recognized the thought pattern in her mind, she was singing in her head.

She did not need to tell him that twice to listen. Edward knew when he was beaten. He picked up his book on the coffee table and opened the book to his marked page. He had migrated to the dining table, tapped his fingers and was not really noticing that he was beginning to frlm the dark, polished wood crack under his index.

He shot out of his chair, briskly walking over to the window and scanning the people below twilight from edwards pov find Jessica, not hearing her thoughts or seeing her figure.

twilight from edwards pov

After another 20 minutes and no sign of her presence anywhere, Edward decided to try calling her. The phone rang 3 times before Jessica picked up. She sounded scared but obviously trying to hide it, she always does this. Tell me what happened. Esme already said this was his last phone this year unless broken by other means than his own twiliyht. Edward stared down at the phone in his hand and tried to think of all the places she could possibly be.

twilight from edwards pov

Rubbing one side of his temples a bit, Edward sighed heavily. Edward growled low in his chest. Edward focused his powers outside of the hotel room.

twilight from edwards pov

Yep, he was being monitored. He sat on the couch again, ignoring how the legs under the couch snapped. He had all day to collect his emotions to get his girlfriend back… He will get her back, or else. Anything outside of his natural speed was too slow, too slow to get Jessica back to him.

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If he was a human he would be near on the ground without a breath to produce. Edward could only remember running this fast when he was a newborn, never has he felt the need to move this quickly. Edward ducked into a twilight from edwards pov alleyway to check the time and to avoid a tour group heading his way. He silently hoped that Aro was in a fair mood when he arrived, because nothing was stopping his mind as he imagined each and every possible way edwwards would rip the Volturi apart for taking Jessica away.

Princess Isabella Volturi

She better still be unharmed, and still human when he arrives. Edward looked up at the sky, he could see the stars beginning to peek through the clouds and the full moon illuminated his face, a fierce and angry glint in his eyes as his chest rose with a deep, unnecessary breath, his eyes black with rage, closing as he released the air from his lungs.

It took a few minutes of the deep breathing for him to calm down enough for his eyes to become a honey brown.]

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