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Signs and symptoms Typical cholera diarrhea that looks like "rice water" The primary symptoms of cholera are profuse diarrhea and vomiting of clear fluid. Patients can be lethargic and might have sunken eyes, dry mouth, cold clammy skin, or wrinkled hands and feet. Kussmaul breathing , a deep and labored breathing pattern, can occur because of acidosis from stool bicarbonate losses and lactic acidosis associated with poor perfusion. Blood pressure drops due to dehydration, peripheral pulse is rapid and thready, and urine output decreases with time. Muscle cramping and weakness, altered consciousness, seizures , or even coma due to electrolyte imbalances are common, especially in children. Drinking any contaminated water and eating any foods washed in the water, as well as shellfish living in the affected waterway , can cause a person to contract an infection. Cholera is rarely spread directly from person to person. Selective pressures exist however in the aquatic environment that may reduce the virulence of V. typhoid fever story summary

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How Typhoid Fever Affects the Body -- The Doctors

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Families who want to continue the remote option for the remainder of the school year can do so. That was the plan proposed last July by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. But the Chicago Teachers Union balked for months. And months.

And while just about every big city school district started returning to in-person learning, Chicago did not.

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Most elementary students finally were offered an in-person option in early March. Water under the bridge? Not exactly. Enrollment at the district has been shrinking substantially every year for almost two decades.

typhoid fever story summary

Yet across the country, big-city school districts began opening sooner than Chicago. New York City high schoolers went back in March.

typhoid fever story summary

fevrr Clark County, Nevada, where the superintendent worried about rising suicide rates among kids, invited elementary school kids back in January for hybrid learning and high school kids here in March. Washington, D. And in Houston and in three of the largest school districts in the country, all in Florida, high schoolers have been back to school since the fall. Story continues Los Angeles remains one of the larger districts with a staggered reopening schedule.

Fortunately for Chicago students, the school year calendar stretches to June 22 for now.

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That means even on the current part-time basis, CPS high schoolers will have the option of being in school for the next two months to close out the school year. But Monday marked the beginning of the end, we hope, of the mind-numbing screen time, lost teacher time and evaporated social safety nets the kids have endured. It is one step typyoid

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