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In order to truly engage our workforces, we need to first figure out exactly what makes our employees tick. This is where the subjects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation come into play. Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is key to performance management. Finding out what motivates employees is no easy feat. In fact, it can be a huge hurdle.

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Understanding employee motivation 2 hours ago · Productive employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees typically have managers who understand – and deliver on – what motivates them. One of the most significant differences between different generations of employees is their source of motivation. Supervisors and managers are constantly trying to crack the code for what motivates. Apr 12,  · By decreasing micromanaging tendencies, companies increase motivation, confidence and trust for their people. 7. Support & Recognize Your People. Remote employees need to know their supervisors see their efforts and work from afar. In an office setting, employees receive immediate acknowledgment for doing their jobs. Apr 12,  · Explain how an understanding of key cross-cultural issues is important in providing employee motivation and leadership. Give examples of how different leadership styles may be necessary depending on the specific situation (e.g., nature of the work force, needs of the market). You may include short quotations from the assigned reading or additional resources to support [ ].
Understanding employee motivation

This article is reprinted with permission of the American Society for Public Administration. The times they are a-changing.

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If you know that Bob Dylan sung that song in and perhaps were around to here it live, then you are defined as a Baby Boomer born between — It is said that you are motivated by the desire to contribute to social changes and understaneing our community. You see public service as a way to put your principles into action. You thought that a government job was safe and secure, paid a fair wage and afforded opportunities for career advancement. Flash forward to Potential new government employees are a vastly different group of people in a vastly different employment marketplace theory innoculation widely different expectations undestanding experiences than those understanding employee motivation Can the public sector blunt the potential retirement brain-drain dubbed the Silver Tsunami by Governing and recruit top talent to public service?

Is this just a generation understanding employee motivation or is there something else at play in the workforce and workplace?

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Can governments use engagement as a key to understanding how to retain talent understanding employee motivation attract a new breed of public servant? Lack of employee engagement shows itself in a variety of serious issues—such as attendance problems, poor customer service, burnout, stress and higher employee medical costs—that impact organizational performance. Actively engaged employees in contrast say positive things about empkoyee employer, plan to stay with the organization and recommend its products and services.

understanding employee motivation

Mission helps inform all three engagement dimensions. Government has mission, purpose and importance to spare; that is a competitive advantage.

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All of which hamper opportunities for engagement as well as innovation, creativity and autonomy. If government understanding employee motivation going to compete for top talent with Wall Street, Google, Amgen or Accenture then the very systems that arose from the progressive movement to decrease autonomy of corrupt officials needs to be retooled to address the World is Flat dynamic and globalized reality of today. Employee engagement surveys offer one way to safely and legally peer into the hearts and minds of government employees. Objective data such as absenteeism, turnover and labor grievances provide some information.]

understanding employee motivation

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