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Although beneficial in many ways, urban areas can have negative impacts on the environment because of the spatial concentration of anthropogenic processes, among other things. Indeed, there are many anthropogenic factors associated with urban areas that could detrimentally impact the local environment: impervious surfaces, lack of vegetation, rerouting of stormwater runoff, and so forth. An increase in urban development and anthropogenic activities correlates with a growing. Introduction This paper is a review of past and current research based on the cause and effect of urban sprawl in the United States with a case analysis of Fairfax County, Virginia. The motivation for this review is to shed light on issues that surround urban sprawl in large metropolitan areas and to discuss recommendations for research and ways to improve various effects of sprawl. The second motivation for this research is to show that there needs to be uniformity among researchers and urban planners. As world population grows, urban population has increased leading to greater demands for private motor vehicles due to issues like urban sprawl and the aspirations for owning. Urban Sprawl is an intricate concept that is mostly known as low density, automobile dependent development beyond the edge of employment and services zones. Urban sprawl or suburban sprawl has raised immense number of concerns in various areas, such as: environmental impacts, loss of farmland, traffic problems, urban decline, taxpayer subsidy, loss of community, housing, as well as some unspecific concerns.

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Urban sprawl also known as suburban sprawl or urban encroachment [1] is the unrestricted growth in many urban areas of housing, commercial development, and roads over large expanses of land, with little concern for urban planning. However, its disadvantages and costs include increased travel time, transport costs, pollution, and destruction of countryside. There is widespread disagreement about what constitutes sprawl and how to quantify it. For example, some commentators measure sprawl only with the average number of residential units per acre in a given area, but others associate it with decentralization spread of population without a well-defined centre , discontinuity leapfrogging development, as defined below , segregation of uses, and so forth. The term urban sprawl is highly politicized and almost always has negative connotations. It is criticized for causing environmental degradation , intensifying segregation , and undermining the vitality of existing urban areas and is attacked on aesthetic grounds. The pejorative meaning of the term means that few openly support urban sprawl as such. The term has become a rallying cry for managing urban growth. The term "urban sprawl" was first used in an article in The Times in as a negative comment on the state of London 's outskirts. urban sprawl essay Urban sprawl essay urban sprawl essay

We are as human in the 21st century enjoy significant advancement in technology urban sprawl essay culture compare to the last century. One ubran our newest exploitation is the venturing into artificial intelligence, also known as AI. From the Siri on IPhone to the Cortana of window phone, we are toying with the concept of putting AI into our daily interaction.

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It's an exciting idea. But little known to us, the idea of AI has been around for a long time.

urban sprawl essay

It exists in movies, video games, books, and magazines. One of the most notable science fiction book about AI is the Neuromancer.

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The book tells us the story about the struggle between two AIs, the Neuromancer and the Wintermute, and the antagonist, Case, who a human got caught in the middle. We will exam the reasons and causes of how and why the struggle between those two AIs unfold and our questions of AI ability to act on its own with human ethic and compassion. From the science fiction novel "Neuromancer" urban sprawl essay William Gibson inthe author digitalized the world in his book and told the story by the third point of view using Henry Dorsett Case. The case, a console cowboy, was able to jack into cyberspace using a exsay in his head.

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This is really the same as a hacker in the Internet world today. Apparently, Case lost his ability to urban sprawl essay into cyberspace after he made a mistake to his client. Also, this was the time of Wintermute, an AI system built by the Tessier-Ashpool company, started to click him in its grand plan for the purpose…. Property speculators are those who invest in different kinds of properties such as residential properties, offices, shopping malls and so on.]

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